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@Osmosis311 Osmosis311/x10_h.c Secret
Created Apr 27, 2014

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/* Arduino interface to the CM17A Wireless X10 'Firecracker' dongle.
BroHogan 7/19/08
DaveK AC0KG Dec/08
#ifndef X10Firecracker_h
#define X10Firecracker_h
#include <stdint.h>
enum HouseCode { hcA, hcB, hcC, hcD, hcE, hcF, hcG, hcH,
hcI, hcJ, hcK, hcL, hcM, hcN, hcO, hcP };
enum CommandCode { cmdOn, cmdOff, cmdBright, cmdDim };
class X10Firecracker {
int RTS_pin; // RTS line for C17A - DB9 pin 7
int DTR_pin; // DTR line for C17A - DB9 pin 4
int Bit_delay; // mS delay between bits (0.5mS min.)
void init( int RTS_Pin, int DTR_Pin, int Bit_Delay );
void sendCmd(HouseCode house, int device, CommandCode cmnd);
extern X10Firecracker X10;
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