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Created May 29, 2011
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FTP Connection
* Generuje ID FTP pripojeni na zaklade zadane URL
* ftp://username:password@sld.domain.tld:21/path1/path2/
function getFtpConnection($uri)
preg_match("/(?P<protocol>ftps?:\/\/)(?P<username>.*?):(?P<password>.*?)@(?P<url>.*?):?(?P<port>[1-9]+)?(?<dir>\/.*)/i", $uri, $match);
$conn = ftp_connect($match['url'], empty($match['port']) ? 21 : (int)$match['port']) or die("Couldn't connect to " . $match['url']);
if (ftp_login($conn, $match['username'], $match['password']))
ftp_chdir($conn, $match['dir']);
return $conn;
return null;
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