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Palantir555/wlancmd_help.stdout Secret

Created Apr 13, 2016
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# wlancmd help
cmdver show wlancmd version.
"wlancmd cmdver display"
show wlan driver version.
"wlancmd driverver display"
show wlan fireware version.
"wlancmd firmwarever display"
up enable wlan.
"wlancmd up"
down disable wlan.
"wlancmd down"
mode set or display wlan mode.
"wlancmd mode set {bonly|gonly|mixed}"
rate set or display a fixed rate.
"wlancmd rate set {rate value}"
802.11a :(6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54)
802.11b :(1, 2, 5.5, 11)
802.11g :(1, 2, 5.5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54)
0 default: automatically select the best rate
rateset set or display the basic rateset, (b) indicates basic.
rateset "default" | "all" | <arbitrary rateset>
default - driver defaults
arbitrary rateset - list of rates
all - all rates are basic rates
List of rates are in Mbps and each rate is optionally followed
by "(b)" or "b" for a Basic rate. Example: 1(b) 2b 5.5 11
At least one rate must be Basic for a legal rateset.
channel set or display wlan channel.
valid channels in 802.11b/g: 1-14
valid channels in 802.11a:
36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64,
100, 104, 108, 112, 116,120, 124, 128, 132, 136, 140,
149, 153, 157, 161,
184, 188, 192, 196, 200, 204, 208, 212, 216
wlancmd channel set 0, for auto channel mode
region set or display wlan Country code.
Use either long name or abbreviation from ISO 3166.
phytype display wlan phy type.
txpwr set or display tx power in various units.
-d dbm units
-m milliwatt units
bssid display wlan bssid.
ssid set or display a configuration's SSID.
"wlancmd ssid set [-i SsidIndex] [<ssid>]"
If the configuration index 'SsidIndex' is not given,
configuraion #0 is assumed
hide hides the network from active scans, enable or disable.
0 is open, 1 is hide.
Get the list of linked MACaddr.
secmode set or display one SSID's secure mode.
"wlancmd secmode set [-i SsidIndex]
wepkey set or display one SSID wepkey.
"wlancmd wepkey set [-i SsidIndex] [-k KeyIndex] {KeyValue}"
set or display one SSID wepkey index number.
"wlancmd wepkeyindex set [-i SsidIndex] {KeyNumber}"
pskkey set or display one SSID pskkey.
"wlancmd pskkey set [-i SsidIndex] {Keyvalue}
set or display one SSID WPA encryption Mode.
"wlancmd wpaencryption set [-i SsidIndex]
cnxt : Get/Set 11g protection status control alg.
(0=always off, 1=monitor local association, 2=monitor overlapping BSS)
cnxt : Set plcp header
"long" or "auto" or "debug"
cnxt : Deprecated. Use rtsthresh.
cnxt : Deprecated. Use fragthresh.
dtim cnxt : Get/Set DTIM.
cnxt : Get/Set the beacon period.
cnxt : Disable/Enable frameburst mode.
setwme cnxt : Set WME (Wireless Multimedia Extensions) status
(0=off, 1=on, -1=auto).
cnxt : Set WME (Wireless Multimedia Extensions) afterburner
(0=off, 1=on, -1=auto).
cnxt : Set WME (Wireless Multimedia Extensions) wme_noack
(0=off, 1=on, -1=auto).
cnxt : Set WME (Wireless Multimedia Extensions) wme_apsd
(0=off, 1=on, -1=auto).
cnxt : Set WME (Wireless Multimedia Extensions) wme_bss_disable
(0=off, 1=on, -1=auto).
help show wlancmd help
set or display the mac filter enable or disable.
"wlancmd fltmacctl set {enable | disable}"
set or display the format of mac filter allow or deny .
"wlancmd fltmacmode set {allow |deny}"
fltmac set or display the soure macaddress.
"wlancmd fltmac set [-i SsidIndex]{macadd value}"
set or display the assoc device ctl.
"wlancmd assocctl set [-i ssididex]{value}"
bss set or display the assoc device ctl.
"wlancmd assocctl set [-i ssididex]{value}"
init wlan nvram .
"wlancmd wps_nvram init"
set the pin value as wps under the pin mode.
"wlancmd wps_pinval set {pin value}"
wps_wsc start the wsc course.
"wlancmd wps_wsc startwps"
set wps parameter.
"wlancmd wps_para set {wps parameter}."
show wp-pin code.
"wlancmd wpspin display"
appin show ap pin code.
"wlancmd appin display"
wps_ctl set or display wps status,enable or disable.
"wlancmd wps_ctl set {enabled|disabled}"
set wps mode,ap-pin or ap-pbc.
"wlancmd wps_mode set {ap-pin|ap-pbc}"
set or display AP isolation.
HT_GI set or display long or short Guard Interval.
HT_BW set or display 11n channel width.
HT_MCS set or display 11n MCS value.
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