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// ==UserScript==
// @name Custom Heavy Load
// @namespace PapaNachos
// @include*
// @include **
// @version 1.2.1
// ==/UserScript==
//Anything written using "//" is not actually part of the code. These are called comments and don't affect anything
//Usually they contain notes about how the program works.
//Hopefully this should be simple enough that someone without code experience can operate it
//Note: Not all parts of this program are guaranteed to work. I've tested everything as best as possible, but
//it is difficult to do without being able to access the heavy load page whenever I need it
//I also can't guarantee that it works on all systems in all browsers. I hope it works for your system,
//but I don't have the means to to test everything
if (document.title.indexOf('Ow') !== -1) {
//These are some settings that currently let you modify parts of the script
var rotation_delay = 5;//This controls how long that the program waits between image swaps. It's measured in seconds
var random = false;//This allows you to choose which mode the program operates in. There are two options:
//if random = false then the program will operate in a loop that always goes in the same direction
//if random = true then the program will automatically select a different random image every time the image swaps
var custom_text = true; //This allows you to display custom text instead of the default heavy load message
//if custom_text = true "phrase1" and "phrase2" will override "reddit is under heavy load right now" and "please try again in a few minutes" respectively
//if custom_text = false the text will not change
var vertical_offset = 400; //This variable controls how close the image will get to the top of the screen.
//Reddit's default value is 275
var num = 0;
var images = new Array(); //Defines an array to store image/text combinations
var choice; //Pretty simple automatic array index generator
var milliseconds_per_second = 1000; //The rotation interval is measured in milliseconds, this allows an easy conversion
document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.replace("<h2>reddit is under heavy load right now</h2>",""); //I broke this into 2 commands in case Reddit decides to format their source in the future
document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.replace("<h3>please try again in a few minutes.","<div id=\"HeavyLoadPonyText\"></div>"); //It also creates a new element I can access later, Thanks hiles
var textbox = document.getElementById("HeavyLoadPonyText"); //Greatly simplifies text swapping
textbox.innerHTML = "<h2>reddit is under heavy load right now</h2><h3>please try again in a few minutes."; //Restores it to the factory settings
var img = document.getElementsByTagName('img')[0]; //Finds the target image
document.head.innerHTML = document.head.innerHTML.replace("margin-top:-275px","margin-top:-"+vertical_offset+"px")
//This area contains a giant list of images that the script will pull from
//The basic format is:
//image[num++] = {srd:"URL",width:x,height:y,text:"phrase"};//Comment
//"URL" is where on the internet you can find the image
//It should start with either "http://" or "https://"
//And end with something like ".gif",width: ".jpg",width: or "png"
//Those are image types and will work with this script
//If it ends with something that is not an image type such as ".html", ".htm",or ".php"
//You will run into trouble
//"x" represents how wide the image is. If you set this to something different than the regular resolution of the image it will stretch or shrink it as appropriate
//"y" represents how tall the image is. It works the same way as x. I recommend not setting y above 400, but its up to you
//If you set x or y to something other than the default, remember to scale the other appropriately or your image will be distorted
//If you change x use the equation "new y = ((new x/old x) * old y)" to find what the new value for y should be
//If you change y use the equation "new x = ((new y/old y) * old x)" to find what the new value for x should be
//"phrase" lets you customize the text message that is displayed
//This only works if custom_text is set to true
//If you decide to insert your own phrases, quotation marks will not display properly
//If you wish to make a " appear you need to put \" in place of it in your phrase.
//HTML inserted into the phrase -should- work properly, <h2> and <h3> should be predefined by the webpage
//You're going to want to include <h2></h2>, or <h3></h3> around your phrase to make the formatting work
//"//Comment" is a note to yourself about what the image is
// The URL is a difficult way to remember it, so this will help keep track of everything
images[num++] = {src:"",width:640,height:360,text:"<h2>You broke reddit,</h2><h3>It's okay though</h3>"};//Lyra head bob
images[num++] = {src:"",width:640,height:360,text:"<h2>You promised not to break Reddit</h2><h3>No one breaks a Pinkie Promise</h3>"};//Pinkie Stare
images[num++] = {src:"",width:400,height:400,text:"<h2>Reddit is down</h2><h3>Why don't you take a nap while you wait</h3>"};//Luna Twitch
images[num++] = {src:"",width:400,height:400,text:"<h2>Oh no, you can't waste more time on the internet</h2><h3>Your life must be awful</h3>"};//Twilight Nobody Cares
images[num++] = {src:"",width:640,height:200,text:"<h3>\"Moon?\"</h3><h3>\"Moon.\"</h3><h3>\"TO THE <b><b><b>MOOOOOOOON!\"</b></b></b></h3>"};//Pissed Princesses
images[num++] = {src:"",width:400,height:400,text:"<h2>Go back to what you were doing</h2><h3>Don't mind me</h3>"};//It's not creepy.
images[num++] = {src:"",width:224,height:400,text:"<h3>Reddit is down</h3><h2>FOR-EV-ER</h2>"};//Pinkie FOREVER
images[num++] = {src:"",width:400,height:400,text:"<h2>Reddit is down</h2><h3>So here's Scootaloo in a tree</h3>"};//Scootaloo in a tree
images[num++] = {src:"",width:640,height:360,text:"<h2>Hello, Tech Support?</h2><h3>I think I found a bug</h3>"};//Dash's Mini-Me
images[num++] = {src:"",width:400,height:400,text:"<h2>Reddit is down, so have some Derpy</h2><h3>Why else would you use the internet?</h3>"};//Derpy Sombrero
images[num++] = {src:"",width:400,height:400,text:"<h2>All you have to do is build an exact copy of Reddit's servers</h2><h3>You have 2 minutes</h3>"};//Nervous Twilight
images[num++] = {src:"",width:400,height:400,text:"<h2>Stand back</h2><h3>We've got this</h3>"};//Twilight and Spike ready for battle
images[num++] = {src:"",width:400,height:400,text:"<h2>Fascinating!</h2><h3>I have just the book for this</h3>"};//Twilight excited
images[num++] = {src:"",width:452,height:400,text:"<h2>Don't worry</h2><h3>I know just the spell for this</h3>"};//Twilight um... doing something?
images[num++] = {src:"",width:320,height:180,text:"<h2>Meanwhile</h2><h3>Over in Reddit's server room</h3>"};//Rainboom
images[num++] = {src:"",width:400,height:400,text:"<h2>whatisthisidonteven</h2>"};//Twiderp
images[num++] = {src:"",width:300,height:300,text:"<h2>THE.</h2><h2><b>WORST.</b></h2><h2><b><b>POSSIBLE.</b></b></h2><h2><b><b><b><b>THING.</b></b></b></b></h2>"};//Rarity frightened
images[num++] = {src:"",width:600,height:360,text:"<h2>Stop</h2><h3>Hammertime</h3>"};//CMC dancing
images[num++] = {src:"",width:300,height:300,text:"<h2>The Great and Powerful Trixie doesn't trust servers"};//The Great and Powerful Scrunchy Face
images[num++] = {src:"",width:300,height:300,text:"<h2>Reddit is down right now</h2><h3>Don't worry, it's not your fault</h3>"};//Derpy happy
images[num++] = {src:"",width:400,height:400,text:"<h1>Dear Princess Celestia,</h1><h3>Today I ruined everything</h3>"};//Celestia eyebrows
images[num++] = {src:"",width:400,height:235,text:"<h2>Reddit couldn't handle us</h2>"};//Pinkie Pie/Fluttershy Swag
images[num++] = {src:"",width:635,height:360,text:"<h3>Fix it.</h3><h2>NOW!</h2>"};//Flutterstare
images[num++] = {src:"",width:300,height:400,text:"<h2>And then you let her near the servers?</h2><h3>Um...</h3>"};//Twilight coffee
images[num++] = {src:"",width:400,height:400,text:"<h2>Reddit is down.</h2><h3>If you know what I mean</h3>"};//Cherilee Eyebrows
images[num++] = {src:"",width:300,height:300,text:"<h1><i>Serious Business.</i></h1>"};//Twilight LOL INTERNET
images[num++] = {src:"",width:640,height:360,text:"<h3>Can I get a</h3><h2><b>BIZZAM</b></h2>"};//Canni excited
images[num++] = {src:"",width:640,height:360,text:"<h2>Oh look,</h2><h3>Something else <b><i>you</i></b> can't do</h3>"};//Twilight sucks at DDR
images[num++] = {src:"",width:300,height:300,text:"<h2>What'cha doing?</h2>"};//Dash looking at something
images[num++] = {src:"",width:320,height:180,text:"<h2>Derpy is under heavy load right now</h2>"};//Derpy + Muffins
images[num++] = {src:"",width:297,height:400,text:"<h2>Did you say something darling?</h2><h3>I was a bit distracted</h3>"};//Rarity Prance
images[num++] = {src:"",width:550,height:233,text:"<h2>Cutie Mark Crusaders Network Adminstrators!</h2><h3>... Oops ...</h3>"};//CMC loading
images[num++] = {src:"",width:770,height:136,text:"<h2>Reddit is down</h2><h3>Why not go outside?</h3>"};//Pinkie Trampoline
images[num++] = {src:"",width:570,height:340,text:"<h2>Reddit is under heavy load right now.</h2><h3>You're not helping, by the way.</h3>"};//Derpy hammer, Thanks Jibodeah
images[num++] = {src:"",width:750,height:325,text:"<h2>Hold your horses</h2><h3>We're just taking a quick break</h3>"};//Karma and Discentia, Thanks RedToxin
choice = Math.floor(Math.random() * num);
changeimage();//First time it runs
setInterval(function(){changeimage()},rotation_delay * milliseconds_per_second);//Sets it to loop repeatedly
function changeimage(){
if(random == false) {
choice++; //Simple increment that wraps around
choice %= num; //Modulus equals, BITCHES. Ah yeah
var lastchoice = choice;
while(lastchoice == choice) {//ensures a different image each time
choice = Math.floor(Math.random() * num);
if(custom_text == true) {
//Dumps whatever HTML was included into the textbox below the image
textbox.innerHTML = images[choice].text;
//Swap out the image and adjust for the proper height and width
img.src = images[choice].src;
img.height = images[choice].height;
img.width = images[choice].width;
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