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React shared values component
* Sometimes you need to create a component of which all instances should rely on the same data pool.
* Lets for example consider a country selector dropdown. No matter how much of them you use inside your
* application - the all should share the same list of countries. But passing that list down to each and
* every component instance via props is very tiresome and bloats your app.
* Behold: the shared value component pattern!
import React from 'react';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';
import Dropdown from 'myComponents/Dropdown';
// This country list will be used by ALL selectors in their render function.
let countryList = [];
// This is the list of update functions where each instance of the
// country list component will attach itself to.
const updaters = [];
const propTypes = {
/** The country value to be selected */
value: PropTypes.string,
/** An update function to pass a new country value to the application */
onChange: PropTypes.func,
const defaultProps = {
value: null,
onChange: null,
export default class CountrySelector extends React.Component{
// We are binding this, so it can be called from anywhere.
this.boundUpdate = this.forceUpdate.bind(this);
* We put the bound update func to the instances array.
* We only do this after mounting to avoid errors.
* If the component is detached from the DOM, we can also remove the
* update hook.
const index = updaters.indexOf(this.boundUpdate);
updaters.splice(index, 1);
const {
} = this.props;
return (
CountrySelector.propTypes = propTypes;
CountrySelector.defaultProps = defaultProps;
* This will replace the countryList and will cause all instances of the
* country selector dropdown to re-render!
CountrySelector.updateCountryList = (newCountryList) => {
countryList = newCountryList;
updaters.forEach(cb => cb());
// =======================================================================================================
* So from anywhere in your application - for example in a REST call, you may now retrieve
* a new country list and propagate it to all instances of the component!
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