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@ParkerdeWaal ParkerdeWaal/Error Secret
Created Jul 2, 2013

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> complex = loadpdb 3QM4_A_HEC.pdb
Loading PDB file: ./3QM4_A_HEC.pdb
One sided connection. Residue: default_name missing connect0 atom.
Added missing heavy atom: .R<HEC 443>.A<FE 9>
Added missing heavy atom: .R<HEC 443>.A<NA 10>
Added missing heavy atom: .R<HEC 443>.A<NB 31>
Added missing heavy atom: .R<HEC 443>.A<NC 47>
ERROR: Comparing atoms
.R<HEC 443>.A<NC 47>,
.R<HEC 443>.A<NB 31>,
.R<HEC 443>.A<NA 10>, and
.R<HEC 443>.A<SG 8>
to atoms
.R<HEC 443>.A<NC 47>,
.R<HEC 443>.A<NB 31>,
.R<HEC 443>.A<ND 63>, and
.R<HEC 443>.A<SG 8>
This error may be due to faulty Connection atoms.
!FATAL ERROR----------------------------------------
!FATAL: In file [chirality.c], line 142
!FATAL: Message: Atom named ND from HEC did not match !
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