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{ The story should be cyclic, like the stack }

The Royal Family Jewels

A Local Legend

The prideful Jack was told that the vain King would pass his inheritance at the end of the year; in week 50 plus 2.

They are guarded by NINE Piques who are supervised by the Chief of Piques.

Having been discovered and assembled into the family over many generations, a total of THREE hundred and SIXty EIGHT years.

The first one was discovered after a 3 year search across the 6 continents of the domain.

The Eight remaining jewels would not be discovered/crafted until the Club Ace was 10 years old.

"5 and 2 weeks", was in the Jack's mind as he attended the Diamond King's 14th birthday celebration. 

It was the middle of the month and already SEVEN of the jewels had been discovered

8C as 16

Sailing to 17 Ports, in search of the Royal Diamond (18 Karat) ring made from one of the Jewels by an elder Umbrella woman.

5S as 20

Smitten with the Jewel King's daughter, the Jack attended her 21st birthday party.  Which took place at the Royal Swan Lake; known throughout the land for its 22 magnificent water fowl.

8S as 23 inverted Spade

In the 24th week of the year, There were THREE Jewels suddenly missing

7H as 25

The witch Fortune Teller foretold of 26 bandits

In the field of 27 there were FIVE Jewels to be unearthed

7C as 28

4H as 29 Butterfly

KH with umbrella (is this related to 19?) as 30

Assembling the Jewels from the 4 corners of the Kingdom, there were 3 and 1

10D as 32

The Jack was creating counterfeit Jewels, and had them almost ready by week 33.

His benevolent brother revealed the plot in week 34

10C as 35

Presiding over the final phases of the work, was Jack Diamond with 3 and 6

4S as 37

The 25 member Royal family of Hearts had a party at week 38.
It was a Valentine's Day affair.

3C as 40

To capture the event the Royal artist made 41 paintings. She has been in the service of the Hearts family for 42 years.

All this was financed by the highly successful King Spade

Living in a modest house at number 6

4C as 45

8H as 46 box of chocolates

Golfing with a 9 iron is an anachronism in this story

The oldest of the Royal women, at 48, is Queen Spade

6D as 49

Queen of Clubs holding 5 flowers

2C is 51

Finally, at the end of the year - week 52 - the NINE Jewels were passed on to the Jack, the sole heir.

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