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Extract frames from an animated GIF, correctly handling palettes and frame update modes
from PIL import Image
Based on a script by BigglesZX:
BigglesZX was adapted as follows:
- Updated to be compatible with Python 3.
- The original function 'processImage' was renamed 'extract_and_resize_frames' and was adapted as follows:
- It resizes each frames as it extracts them
- It saves all the frames to an array
- It returns the array of all frames
- a function 'resize_gif' was added which calls 'extract_and_resize_frames' to extract all the GIF frames and then
saves all frames to an output file.
- the function main() was modified to call 'resize_gif'
Functionality of the current script:
- Similar functionality to BigglesZX's original script
- Extracts all frames from a GIF and returns as array of all frames
- Resizes the GIF to a given size
JAN 2017
def resize_gif(path, save_as=None, resize_to=None):
Resizes the GIF to a given length:
path: the path to the GIF file
save_as (optional): Path of the resized gif. If not set, the original gif will be overwritten.
resize_to (optional): new size of the gif. Format: (int, int). If not set, the original GIF will be resized to
half of its size.
all_frames = extract_and_resize_frames(path, resize_to)
if not save_as:
save_as = path
if len(all_frames) == 1:
print("Warning: only 1 frame found")
all_frames[0].save(save_as, optimize=True)
all_frames[0].save(save_as, optimize=True, save_all=True, append_images=all_frames[1:], loop=1000)
def analyseImage(path):
Pre-process pass over the image to determine the mode (full or additive).
Necessary as assessing single frames isn't reliable. Need to know the mode
before processing all frames.
im =
results = {
'size': im.size,
'mode': 'full',
while True:
if im.tile:
tile = im.tile[0]
update_region = tile[1]
update_region_dimensions = update_region[2:]
if update_region_dimensions != im.size:
results['mode'] = 'partial'
break + 1)
except EOFError:
return results
def extract_and_resize_frames(path, resize_to=None):
Iterate the GIF, extracting each frame and resizing them
An array of all frames
mode = analyseImage(path)['mode']
im =
if not resize_to:
resize_to = (im.size[0] // 2, im.size[1] // 2)
i = 0
p = im.getpalette()
last_frame = im.convert('RGBA')
all_frames = []
while True:
# print("saving %s (%s) frame %d, %s %s" % (path, mode, i, im.size, im.tile))
If the GIF uses local colour tables, each frame will have its own palette.
If not, we need to apply the global palette to the new frame.
if not im.getpalette():
new_frame ='RGBA', im.size)
Is this file a "partial"-mode GIF where frames update a region of a different size to the entire image?
If so, we need to construct the new frame by pasting it on top of the preceding frames.
if mode == 'partial':
new_frame.paste(im, (0, 0), im.convert('RGBA'))
new_frame.thumbnail(resize_to, Image.ANTIALIAS)
i += 1
last_frame = new_frame + 1)
except EOFError:
return all_frames
def main():
resize_gif('foo.gif', save_as='bar.gif')
if __name__ == "__main__":

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clickinfinite commented Nov 13, 2017

hi, it seems that the duration info missed. how to keep the origin duration?

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