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Pebblo/example.php Secret

Created Aug 10, 2018
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Example of how to pull only the required tickets from an event, loop over them all and add their 'remaining' sale values together, then output that value.
// EE_Event Object, you should one already but to demo I'm pulling one directly
$event = EEM_Event::instance()->get_one_by_ID(1111);
// Pull the required tickets for the event.
$required_tickets = $event->tickets( array(
array('TKT_required' => true)
// Initialize $remaining_spaces as 0.
$remaining_spaces = 0;
if($required_tickets) {
// Loop over all of the required tickets for the event.
foreach($required_tickets as $required_ticket) {
// Sanity check to make sure we have an EE_Ticket.
if($required_ticket instanceof EE_Ticket) {
// Add the spaces remaining for each required ticket to $spaces_remaining.
$remaining_spaces += $required_ticket->remaining();
//Output the number of remaining spaces.
echo $remaining_spaces;
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