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<ncb000gt> question, when you store links is the order in which they are returned,
when querying, guaranteed at all (assuming multiple links)?
13:36 <seancribbs> ncb000gt: Riak doesn't change the order. But if you mean
whether the links, when followed to their destination objects, come back in
order, then no that can't be guaranteed automatically.
13:36 <seancribbs> it's possible to do, but not built-in
14:06 <ncb000gt> seancribbs: yea, i mean when followed. (by return I meant to whatever client requested it)
14:07 <seancribbs> so.. what you could do is make your own link-following function
implemented as a map, it should return lists/arrays of [bucket, key, index]. then
follow that with a map function that just gives you the object back with its index.
then finish with a reduce function that sorts by the index.
14:09 <ncb000gt> seancribbs: yea, that is the approach I was going to take, but wont
be able to work on it till later (personal project).
14:10 <seancribbs> cool. let us know how it goes
14:10 <ncb000gt> seancribbs: just wanted to make sure that what I was seeing was
accurate since order is important for my use case
14:10 <* seancribbs> nods
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