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Philippe Lhoste PhiLhoSoft

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PhiLhoSoft / BigCanvas
Last active Dec 13, 2015
BigCanvas: My drawings. At least, they are mine at the time of referencing, they can be altered, defaced, obliterated, etc.
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Small island with a palm tree, an ugly guy,6,446,492
A shark,XO,56,17
Japanese skewer,KG,324,389
Weight and hammer, mouse and bird,l,240,492
Transform part of the big dashed line into a stair, and someone (?) climbing it,x,73,246
PhiLhoSoft / AutomatedWriter.ahk
Last active Dec 14, 2015
AutoHotkey script to draw letters, digits and some punctuation characters with the mouse.Designed to draw on BigCanvas, but tested on Windows Paint and should work on any similar program.
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// by Philippe Lhoste <PhiLho(a)>
// File/Project history:
1.00.000 -- Today (PL) -- Lastest version (updated regularly!).
0.01.000 -- 2013/02/12 (PL) -- Creation.
/* Copyright notice: For details, see the following file:
This program is distributed under the zlib/libpng license.
Copyright (c) 2013 Philippe Lhoste / PhiLhoSoft
PhiLhoSoft / showheaders.js
Created Aug 29, 2013
Minor changes from the showheaders.js found at Discovering some nice features...
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// showheaders.js
// Little changes (for Firebug) from
// Print out response headers for current URL.
var request = new XMLHttpRequest();'HEAD', window.location, false);
PhiLhoSoft / FizzBuzz.ceylon
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Ceylon functional FizzBuzz, two versions
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shared void fizzBuzz()
print("## FizzBuzz 1 ##");
Iterable<String> fizzBuzz1(Integer count = 20)
return (1 .. count).map((Integer c) =>
15.divides(c) then "FizzBuzz" else
(3.divides(c) then "Fizz" else
(5.divides(c) then "Buzz" else c.string)));
PhiLhoSoft / index.html
Created May 1, 2015
First application with Mithril
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Playing with Mithril</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css">
<h1>Playing with <a href="">Mithril</a></h1>
PhiLhoSoft / ConvertGeoJsonToAdHocJson.js
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Convert (some kind of) GeoJson file to a (specific kind of) Json file, in SVG path format, using Node.js platform
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// Convert a limited / specific subset of GeoJson (the samples I had to convert...) to a specific Json format (for HighMaps),
// using the SVG path format.
// Made to run on the Node.js platform.
// Should accept more encodings, using a conversion library.
var fs = require('fs');
var arguments = process.argv;
//~ var inputFileName = __dirname + '/config.json';
var inputFileName = arguments[2], outputFileName, encoding;
PhiLhoSoft / Lozenge.svg
Created Jun 18, 2015
Testing if Gists show a preview of SVG
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PhiLhoSoft /
Created Jun 23, 2015
Improving Most.js' Drag'n'Drop example
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/* Anchor array: [ x, y, dx, dy ]
x, y (close of square): position on node, 0.0 to 1.0
dx, dy (end of arrows): direction, -1, 0 or 1
0,0 0.5,0 1,0
PhiLhoSoft /
Created Nov 9, 2015
Add validation to WP-Members (WordPress plugin) registration form

Add validation to WP-Members (WordPress plugin) registration form

I maintain a small French WordPress site: It was made by design students which made a great work with looks, but a so-so technical work... So I had to fix the issues.

They used a iFeature 5 theme by CyberChimps, they made a .css file in a child theme. I had to make CSS fixes to get labels of the registration form (made with the WP-Members plugins) to be aligned with the input fields...

WP-Members is a nice plugin, rather flexible as it allows to add custom fields to registration.