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Phill93 / .gitignore
Last active Jan 26, 2020
Wifi Poster
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# Created by
# Edit at
### LaTeX ###
## Core latex/pdflatex auxiliary files:
Phill93 / addons
Last active Dec 31, 2019
My WOW Addon List
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Phill93 /
Last active Oct 28, 2019
Script to test the battery runtime
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y mosquitto-clients
while true; do
mosquitto_pub -r -h $BROKER -t $TOPIC -m "$(awk '{print int($1/3600)":"int(($1%3600)/60)":"int($1%60)}' /proc/uptime)"
ping -c 3
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# A comma-separated list of package or module names from where C extensions may
# be loaded. Extensions are loading into the active Python interpreter and may
# run arbitrary code.
# Add files or directories to the blacklist. They should be base names, not
# paths.
echo "Debian 9 Netinstall"
rsync --no-motd -P ./
echo "Ubuntu 16.04 live"
rsync --no-motd -zhhP rsync:// .
rsync --no-motd -zhhP rsync:// .
rsync --no-motd -zhhP rsync:// .
echo "Ubuntu 18.04 live"
rsync --no-motd -zhhP rsync:// .
# Password below is set on for Pi Zeros default password AND controller
# Cleanup any previous attempts
rm -i $OUT
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object CheckCommand "dsm_snmp" {
command = [PluginDir + "/check_snmp_synology"]
arguments = {
"-u" = "$snmp3_user$"
"-p" = "$snmp3_password$"
"-2" = "$snmp_community$"
"-h" = {
required = true
value = "$snmp_hostname$"
Phill93 /
Last active May 12, 2017 — forked from geerlingguy/
Ansible Role Test Shim Script
# Ansible role test shim.
# Usage: [OPTIONS] ./tests/
# - distro: a supported Docker distro version (default = "centos7")
# - playbook: a playbook in the tests directory (default = "test.yml")
# - cleanup: whether to remove the Docker container (default = true)
# - container_id: the --name to set for the container (default = timestamp)
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