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haproxy, remove /app after selecting backend
Code to change a request from / to /app1/
reqirep ^([^\ :]*)\ /(.*) \1\ /app1/\2
If urls in the response contain absolute urls it might be required to use this:
acl no_redir url_beg /app1/
reqirep ^([^\ :]*)\ /(.*) \1\ /app1/\2 if !no_redir
The code makes sure that the method and url-path behind the / stays the same. Which method you need exactly might depend on the application thats running.
For readability of the above how change a request from /app1/ to /app1/app1redir/
reqirep ^([^\ :]*)\ /app1/(.*) \1\ /app1/app1redir/\2
If those above dont work you might still be able to get a acceptable workaround by using a redirect:
acl no_redir url_beg /app1/
http-request redirect location http://%[req.hdr(Host)]/app1/ if !no_redir

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@dalenoe dalenoe commented May 15, 2019

What version(s) of haproxy will this work with?

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