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Created Aug 14, 2020
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All FQL commands for JS
// All FQL commands
const {
Abort, Abs, Acos, Add, All, And, Any, Append, Asin, At, Atan, BitAnd, BitNot, BitOr, BitXor, Call, Casefold, Ceil, Collection, Collections, Concat, Contains, ContainsStr, ContainsStrRegex, Cos, Cosh, Count, Create, CreateCollection, CreateDatabase, CreateFunction, CreateIndex, CreateKey, CreateRole, Database, Databases, Date, DayOfMonth, DayOfWeek, DayOfYear, Degrees, Delete, Difference, Distinct, Divide, Do, Documents, Drop, EndsWith, Epoch, Equals, Events, Exists, Exp, Filter, FindStr, FindStrRegex, Floor, Foreach, Format, Function, Functions, GT, GTE, Get, HasIdentity, Hour, Hypot, Identify, Identity, If, Index, Indexes, Insert, Intersection, IsArray, IsBoolean, IsBytes, IsCollection, IsCredentials, IsDatabase, IsDate, IsDoc, IsDouble, IsEmpty, IsFunction, IsIndex, IsInteger, IsKey, IsLambda, IsNonEmpty, IsNull, IsNumber, IsObject, IsRef, IsRole, IsSet, IsString, IsTimestamp, IsToken, Join, KeyFromSecret, Keys, LT, LTE, LTrim, Lambda, Length, Let, Ln, Log, Login, Logout, LowerCase, Map, Match, Max, Mean, Merge, Min, Minute, Modulo, Month, MoveDatabase, Multiply, NewId, Not, Now, Or, Paginate, Pow, Prepend, Query, RTrim, Radians, Range, Reduce, Ref, RegexEscape, Remove, Repeat, Replace, ReplaceStr, ReplaceStrRegex, Role, Roles, Round, Second, Select, Sign, Sin, Singleton, Sinh, Space, Sqrt, StartsWith, SubString, Subtract, Sum, Take, Tan, Tanh, Time, TimeAdd, TimeDiff, TimeSubtract, TitleCase, ToArray, ToDate, ToInteger, ToDouble, ToMicros, ToMillis, ToNumber, ToObject, ToSeconds, ToString, ToTime, Tokens, Trim, Trunc, Union, Update, UpperCase, Var, Year
} = q;
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