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The plugins I use in PHPStorm

There are the plugins I use in PhpStorm

Plugin name Details
.ignore because it is easier to maintain .gitignore, .dockerignore and any *ignore file
BashSupport to have a better support of bash scripts
CamelCase because it's awesome to switch from lowerCamelCase to UPPER_SNAKE_CASE with one keymap combination
CMD Support because you know, windows 😀
composer to automatically handle PSR-0 and PSR-4 namespaces, have composer.json validation and version informations (better than to look in the composer.lock file)
Editorconfig because it allows to merge PHPStorm's config style with .editorconfig (which has precedence over PHPStorm)
Emmet Everywhere because sometimes you need ul.list-unstyled>li*10<TAB>
GFM (for GFM) because documentation HAS TO be written and I like RDD (Readme Driven Development)
NodeJS because it has a Gulp support and also permits the use of ECMA6 in JS files if you have a Node.js frontend workflow
PHP Annotations to autocomplete any configured annotation
PHP Inspections (Extended EA) to be a better PHP developer!
PHP RegExp Support to highlight regexes
PHP Toolbox because it adds some autocompletion and typehints, and other PHP tools
Symfony Plugin to have autocompletion for services, Twig support, Symfony commands, controller creation, etc.
Shifter to be able to uniformize lists, reorder things, and lots of cool stuff with filtering and shifting text and code. You can even create sequences of numbers or letters!
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