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Created September 9, 2012 10:52
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--[[prop.visual = "wielditem"
prop.textures = {itemname}
prop.visual_size = {x=0.20, y=0.20}
prop.automatic_rotate = math.pi * 0.25]]
prop.visual = "cube"
if minetest.registered_items[itemname] and minetest.registered_items[itemname].tiles then
prop.textures = minetest.registered_items[itemname].tiles
for i=6,#minetest.registered_items[itemname].tiles,-1 do
prop.textures[i] = minetest.registered_items[itemname].tiles[#minetest.registered_items[itemname].tiles]
prop.visual_size = {x=0.30, y=0.30}
prop.automatic_rotate = math.pi * 0.25
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