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@Pitasi Pitasi/main.js
Last active Nov 6, 2017

What would you like to do? - A simple Telegram bot built with Telegraf.js
// Include Telegraf module
const Telegraf = require('telegraf');
// Create a bot using TOKEN provided as environment variable
const bot = new Telegraf(process.env.TOKEN);
// Import replies file
const replies = require('./replies')
// Extract reply_to_message.message_id field from Telegraf ctx
// If not present, return null
const getReplyToMessageId = ctx => (
ctx.message.reply_to_message ? ctx.message.reply_to_message.message_id : null
// This method will send the reply, based on the answer type
// (text / gif / sticker). See replies.js for objects structure.
const sendReply = (ctx, reply) => {
// reply method will be the Telegraf method for sending the reply
let replyMethod = {
text: ctx.reply,
gif: ctx.replyWithDocument,
sticker: ctx.replyWithSticker
replyMethod(reply.value, {
// this will make the bot reply to the original message instead of just sending it
reply_to_message_id: getReplyToMessageId(ctx)
// /list command - will send all the triggers defined in replies.js.
bot.command('list', ctx => {
'Available triggers:\n\n' +
// Listen on every text message, if message.text is one of the trigger,
// send the reply
bot.on('text', ctx => {
let cmd = ctx.message.text.toLowerCase()
if (cmd in replies)
sendReply(ctx, replies[cmd])
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