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Last active Mar 10, 2020
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Preparing for a new OMG Network V1 Testnet

Late last week, we discovered a critical bug in our root chain plasma-contracts v1.0.3. We’ve already merged a fix and will release more details once we are done validating it. As a consequence of this issue, we will deploy an entirely new testnet environment. This is what we have referred to in the past as a Hard Network Upgrade. The bug was in our core contracts and the fix was not deployable through the abstractions provided on OMG Plasma Framework.

We will be releasing the new testnet on Thursday March 12 09:00 UTC. To reduce confusion and simplify operations, we will replace the current OMG Network V1 Testnet services with the same connection details. There will be planned downtime in our services. We will provide status of the redeployment in the ODP Discord. You will be able to check whether the services have been upgraded by using the /status.get API endpoint and inspecting the version field. It currently starts with 0.4.4. The new testnet will start with 0.4.5. The only changes will be the new smart contract endpoints. There will be no API changes.

Given that this is a hard upgrade, if you choose to retain your tokens, all testnet ERC20 and ETH will need to be exited from the current testnet and re-deposited into the new testnet network. By replacing the services at the same URLs, you will no longer be able to request your exit data from our hosted watcher. The state will be fully reset for the new testnet. Please start your exits now, if you are using our hosted watcher. The exit period on the testnet is 1 day, so you’ll be able to process your exits quickly. As always, if you are running your own watcher, you will always have access to your exit data.

We apologize for the short hard upgrade time window and any disruption this may cause in your testing and integrations. However, we are relieved to see our validation process bearing out additional issues. As recommended by our auditors, we have been taking the rollout process methodically and we believe this is a sign that it is working as intended. Thank you for your continued support.

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