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I wonder what this button does…

Ben Peachey Potherca

I wonder what this button does…
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PEAR Channel Server hosted by GitHub
This is my PEAR Channel Server hosted by GitHub and powered by [Pirum](
Create your own PEAR Channel Server
iaincarsberg / vector2.spec.js
Created July 12, 2011 09:36
Real world usage of Jasmine compared to Qunit
/*global console window describe xdescribe it expect runs waits*/
(function () {
require.paths.unshift(__dirname + '/../../../');
require('thorny/base')('./config/default.json')(function ($) {
describe('a vector2', function () {
it('should contain the following functions', function () {
var vector2 = $('thorny math vector2');
expect(typeof vector2.factory).toEqual('function');
expect(typeof vector2.centroid).toEqual('function');
Seldaek / Comments.mdown
Created May 21, 2012 08:11
PHAR build script

This creates a $buildphar as $root/$target/foo.phar + one phar per tag as $root/$target/download/$tag/foo.phar

It also dumps the latest git commit hash built in $root/$target/version

spl_autoload_register(function ($name) {
// $exp will be the name of the class without the \with\traitname part => array_splice
$exp = explode("\\", $name);
// serach from end
$index = array_search("with", array_reverse($exp, true));
if (!$index || $index - 1 == count($exp)) // also fail when value is 0
return false;
troelskn /
Created December 14, 2013 20:43
Make dashing mobile friendly
# dashing.js is located in the dashing framework
# It includes jquery & batman for you.
#= require dashing.js
#= require_directory .
#= require_tree ../../widgets
console.log("Yeah! The dashboard has started!")
Dashing.on 'ready', ->
melekes /
Created August 30, 2013 16:06
Test coverage Dashing widget

Test coverage

Test coverage


Dashing widget to display test coverage.

The widget is based on JenkinsBuild, which shows you a completion percentage while Jenkins builds the project and zero in other cases. Actually, if you think about it, build takes only a small amount of time (of course, if your project is not building for half an hour). So we decided to find a more reasonable use of this state and show percentage of test coverage.

curzona / .travis.yml
Last active July 17, 2017 10:56
Comparison of config files
# see for more hints
language: php
# list any PHP version you want to test against
# using major version aliases
# aliased to 5.2.17
- 5.2
# aliased to 5.3.29
jonhoo / README
Created April 7, 2011 01:42
A busybox bash script for determining the progress of a copy operation
A simple script that estimates the progress, speed and probable completion time of a copy operation.
It was originally written for a QNAP NAS running busybox, but should be compatible with any busybox install.
Should also work for most Linux systems, but the options to du and df will have to be modified since the busybox uses a simplified syntax (The -m for both of them is to get the output in MB).
The script is called with the same arguments given to cp
The script estimates by using:
- Difference in df-used for speed
- Difference in du for percentage
- A combination of the above for ETC (Estimated Time to Completion)
andre-morassut /
Last active May 19, 2018 07:46
Dashing - "text status" widget

Dashing Text Status Widget

This widget is based on the standard Dashing Text widget. It adds a status management between three basic states : OK, ERROR and INFORMATION. The widget background, image and color, changes with the state.

What it does

With this widget, you can display the status of a single system. It can be used for servers, sites, etc. It lets you build status dashboards with a single system per tile. The widget will fade to green if the status is OK, red if ERROR, blue if INFORMATION. You can customize the text displayed and change it dynamically.

If you refer to the thumbnail, you'll see an example.

philsturgeon /
Last active June 7, 2018 09:34
PSR-2 v CodeSniffer PSR-2

This is a list of issues or discrepencies between the wording or intention of PSR-2 itself and the CodeSniffer PSR-2 ruleset.

Add suggestions in the comments or tweet me (@philsturgeon) if you have more inconsistencies to report.