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Conditional rendering handler for Epoxy.js

Similar to the toggle handler, but it will detach the element from the DOM instead of just hiding it. Much like knockout's if binding.


<div data-bind="if: someCondition"></div>

where someCondition can of course also be a computed property, so this gives you all flexibility you need.

Why not use just toggle? Because selectors like :first etc. won't work.

Backbone.Epoxy.binding.addHandler('if', function($element, value) {
var isDetached = $element[0].parentNode === null;
var shouldBeRendered = value;
var comment = $'epoxy-placeholder-comment');
//The element is detached but should be rendered. Replace the comment with the element.
if(isDetached && shouldBeRendered && comment) {
//The element is currently attached but should not be rendered.
else if(!isDetached && !shouldBeRendered) {
//If it's a first, we haven't created a placeholder comment node yet.
if(!comment) {
comment = document.createComment('epoxy-placeholder');
$'epoxy-placeholder-comment', comment);

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Prinzhorn commented May 2, 2014

Just found that it doesn't work on initial rendering since it happens before Epoxy adds the element to the DOM. I'll see what I can do. I was using it to hide elements in a list as the user searches, where this case naturally didn't occur.


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gmac commented Nov 30, 2014

When in doubt, make it async. Epoxy bindings allow you to define an init method (see, within which you should be able to define a setTimeout(..., 0) to schedule an initial rendering on the next event loop.

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