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@ProPheT777 ProPheT777/Dockerfile
Last active Aug 14, 2018

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PPM under PHAR
"directories": ["src", "vendor"],
"files": ["ppm.json"],
"exclude-composer-files": true,
"chmod": "0755",
"dump-autoload": false,
"finder": [
"notName": "/LICENSE|.*\\.md|.*\\.dist|Makefile|composer\\.json|composer\\.lock/",
"exclude": [
"in": "vendor"
"main": "vendor/php-pm/php-pm/bin/ppm",
"output": "app.phar",
"stub": true
FROM php-cgi #custom
COPY api.phar /api.phar
CMD ["/api.phar", "start", "-c", "ppm.json"]
box compile -c box.json
docker build -t api .
docker run --rm api -p 8888:8888
"bridge": "MyApp\\PPM\\ApiWorker",
"host": "",
"port": 8888,
"workers": 4,
"app-env": "prod",
"debug": false,
"logging": true,
"static-directory": "public",
"bootstrap": "MyApp\\PPM\\ApiWorker",
"max-requests": 500,
"populate-server-var": true,
"socket-path": "\/tmp\/.ppm\/run\/api\/",
"pidfile": "\/tmp\/.ppm\/",
"cgi-path": "\/usr\/local\/bin\/php-cgi"
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