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I may be slow to respond.

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I may be slow to respond.
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Punnapulusu /
Created Dec 9, 2018 — forked from sysboss/
SonarQube on AWS EC2 - Installation and integration with Jenkins

This article will briefly describe how to install SonarQube as Docker container on Amazon EC2 and integrate it with Jenkins.

Create database instance and user

Go to RDS > Parameter Groups
Create a new Parameter Group with the following parameter:

max_allowed_packet = 268435456

We need to create a new RDS database for SonarQube (you may use an existing MySQL instance)

  1. Go to RDS Instances
Punnapulusu /
Created Nov 6, 2018 — forked from sethvargo/
Use openssl to create an x509 self-signed certificate authority (CA), certificate signing request (CSR), and resulting private key with IP SAN and DNS SAN
# Define where to store the generated certs and metadata.
# Optional: Ensure the target directory exists and is empty.
rm -rf "${DIR}"
mkdir -p "${DIR}"
# Create the openssl configuration file. This is used for both generating
# the certificate as well as for specifying the extensions. It aims in favor
# of automation, so the DN is encoding and not prompted.
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