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Kubernetes Talk Abstract

At the Home Office we had a problem. Hundreds of lines of infrastructure, everyone doing their own thing, and reinventing the wheel. During this talk I'll tell you how we are attempting resolve that using Docker, Kubernetes and changing developer culture.

This talk consists of 3 parts. In the first I will introduce you to docker and talk about how to use it to create reusable infrastructure components, then I will talk about how to deploy and manage those components with the open source PaaS Kubernetes, and finally I'll talk about changing our culture using tools and techniques to ensure we keep reusing into the future.

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OleMchls commented Sep 23, 2015

I think it a bit long-ish for a abstract. It's more a guide also be aware that this sounds kind of like a sales talk.

You could make it a bit more catch what problem does it solve?

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PurpleBooth commented Sep 23, 2015

Is that any better?

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OleMchls commented Sep 24, 2015

Personally I like it a lot better

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