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for ingvar
// consider the following code
// a.js
class A extends Component {
static B = undefined;
state = { B : A.B };
componentWillMount() {
A.B || import('./b.js').then(B => {
A.B = B;
this.setState({ B });
return this.state.B ? <B/> : '...loading'
// b.js
module.exports = () => 'b!'
// I want to be able to server render a page, and rehydrate on the front end.
// - when server rendering, I want import(B) to be sync, so I can render children
// - when client rendering, with server side output, and if B is already included in the js bundle, render should be sync again.
// - when client rendering a new page, and B perhaps isn't in the bundle, I want to load b.js async
// This was achievable with require.ensure - sync on the server, sync when bundle is already loaded, and async when not.
// simply because it took callbacks.
// import () makes all of these always async, so I have no way of achieving my goal in the same module.
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