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Created Jun 23, 2014

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What keeps my process open

Sometimes when you run your process (or test script) with node, the process won't exit cleanly.

My process won't exit cleanly, help what do I do.

If your process won't exit cleanly it means something is keeping the event loop open.


  • setTimeout or setInterval
  • open file descriptors (fs, net, http, etc.)
  • open database connections (redis, etc.)

Debugging an event loop

Node has a build in primitive called process._getActiveHandles() that allows you to inspect which handles are currently keeping your process open.

var setInterval = require('timers').setInterval;

setInterval(function () {
  var handles = process._getActiveHandles();

  console.log('no of handles', handles.length);
  handles.forEach(function (obj) {
    if ('ontimeout' in obj) {
      console.log('timer handle', obj);
    } else if ('readable' in obj && 'writable' in obj) {
      // to debug stream handles print the _events functions
      // to string and figure out what kind of stream they are
      // then stare really hard at the source code
      // console.log(obj._events.end.toString());
      console.log('stream handle', obj);
    } else {
      console.log('unknown handle', obj);
}, 5000).unref();

Here we poll the handles every 5 seconds and print them.

See this open handles gist for more discussion.

Identifying what type of tcp socket it is.

There are two tricks for figuring out what a tcp socket is.

One is to look at socket._events[name].toString() and either recognise the source code of the event handler or github search for it.

I once searched for a function and found it in the node-redis source code and thus knew that socket was a redis connection.

The other trick is to take a look at the _readableState and peek at the buffer in the stream, if your lucky you can identify what kind of HTTP request it was from the body.

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