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Working from home

Rene Hollander ReneHollander

Working from home
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<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function setAmount(amount) {
document.getElementById("amount").setAttribute('value', amount)
function openDonation() {"" + document.getElementById("amount").getAttribute('value'), "_blank");
package at.renehollander.euler;
import java.util.*;
public class Sort {
static int n = 10;
static List<Integer> list = new ArrayList<>();
static final int RED = 0;
ReneHollander / exception.txt
Created Jun 23, 2017
OverTool v1.12.0.6 Hanamura export error
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C:\Development\Overtool>OverTool.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\Overwatch" M D:\OverDump Hanamura > log.txt
Unbehandelte Ausnahme: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Der Index war außerhalb des Arraybereichs.
bei OWLib.Map..ctor(Stream input, Boolean open)
bei OverTool.ExtractMap.Parse(Dictionary`2 track, Dictionary`2 map, CASCHandler handler, Boolean quiet, OverToolFlags flags)
bei OverTool.Program.Main(String[] args)
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"PresetList": [
"AudioCopyMask": [
ReneHollander / main.cpp
Last active Jan 13, 2018
Optimization results
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#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include "../src/kissrandom.h"
#include "../src/annoylib.h"
#include <chrono>
#include <map>
int main(int argc, char **argv) {
int f = 96;
int n = 100000;
ReneHollander / Angular
Created Jan 16, 2018
Vectorized euclidian and angular distance and verctorized dot product
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Adding items
Building index
Building took 53.623s
Searching took 15.394 ms
Searching took 14.526 ms
Searching took 14.187 ms
Searching took 14.201 ms
Searching took 13.615 ms
Searching took 14.154 ms
Searching took 14.527 ms
ReneHollander / Angular AVX optimized
Created Jan 16, 2018
Optimized get_norm, normalize and two_means
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using AVX
Adding items
Building index
Building took 33.094s
Searching took 10.231 ms
Searching took 9.681 ms
Searching took 9.142 ms
Searching took 9.829 ms
Searching took 9.401 ms
Searching took 10.197 ms
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Adding items
Building index
Building took 41.641s
Searching took 11.772 ms
Searching took 12.135 ms
Searching took 11.267 ms
Searching took 11.491 ms
Searching took 11.188 ms
Searching took 11.23 ms
Searching took 11.243 ms
ReneHollander /
Last active Jan 1, 2019
RaspberryPi read DHT22 with Adafruit_Python_DHT
import sys
import Adafruit_DHT
sensor = Adafruit_DHT.DHT22
sensor_name = sys.argv[1]
pin = sys.argv[2]
humidity, temperature = Adafruit_DHT.read_retry(sensor, pin, delay_seconds=3)
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19-1-7 19:52:56.8|Debug|DownloadDecisionMaker|Processing release '[U3-Web] Dororo 2019 / [EP01][AMZN WEB-DL 1920x1080 AVC E-AC-3] ( Tezuka Osamu Works)' from 'Nyaa'
19-1-7 19:52:56.8|Debug|Parser|Parsing string '[U3-Web] Dororo 2019 / [EP01][AMZN WEB-DL 1920x1080 AVC E-AC-3] ( Tezuka Osamu Works)'
19-1-7 19:52:56.9|Trace|Parser|^(?<title>.+?)?(?:(?:[-_\W](?<![()\[!]))*(?<season>(?<!\d+|\(|\[|e|x)\d{2})(?<episode>(?<!e|x)\d{2}(?!p|i|\d+|\)|\]|\W\d+|\W(?:e|ep|x)\d+)))+(\W+|_|$)(?!\\)
19-1-7 19:52:56.9|Debug|Parser|Episode Parsed. Dororo - S20E19
19-1-7 19:52:56.9|Debug|Parser|Language parsed: English
19-1-7 19:52:56.9|Debug|QualityParser|Trying to parse quality for [U3-Web] Dororo 2019 / [EP01][AMZN WEB-DL 1920x1080 AVC E-AC-3] ( Tezuka Osamu Works)
19-1-7 19:52:56.9|Debug|Parser|Quality parsed: WEBDL-1080p v1
19-1-7 19:52:56.9|Debug|Parser|Release Group parsed: U3-Web
19-1-7 19:52:56.9|Debug|ParsingService|No matching series Dororo