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Stakeholder-Governed Sound Money for a Fairer Financial System

See it live! (thanks @jholdstock)

Summary of changes

The tagline would change to: Stakeholder-Governed Sound Money

This proposal would add a new element to the explanation of Decred on Fair

RichardRed0x /
Last active Aug 30, 2019
Table with attributes of Market Maker proposals
Tantra Labs i2 Trading Grapefruit
Liquidity (each side) $30k $50k $30k
Pairs 6 6 4
Total liquidity (e/s) $180k $300k $120k
Spread $30k Layered +/-3% $10k/1.5%,$30k/2%,$50k/4% $30k 2% (flexible)
Uptime 90% 90% 80%
Fees $0k/m $35k/m $28k/m
Inventory 30k DCR 30k DCR 12k DCR
Interest (6 months) $40.5k $49k $17k

Update 4: Added Tantra offer and updated i2 offer. Altonomy withdrew their offer.

Update 3: Grapefruit's offer is framed differently (in terms of "bid to ask") to the others (in terms of the spread from mid) - so 2% bid to ask is largely equivalent to 1% spread, except that the offer could be asymetrical around the price. This comment explains it.

Update 2: Grapefruit have confirmed that the only loan they require is the DCR one. Added note about no layering on Grapefruit offer.

Update 1:

i2 have clarified that the loan figure in their proposal covers all required loans, so that is cut in half. I am also now assuming that as Grapefruit does not mention a loan other than the DCR one that this covers their inventory requirements.


Decred holders can time-lock DCR in exchange for tickets that allow them to participate in consensus and governance, giving them sovreignty over the network.

Each block produced by Proof of Work miners calls 5 random tickets to vote, these tickets vote to approve or reject the regular transaction tree of the previous block and determine if that miner receives their reward. This gives ticket voters power to regulate the behavior of PoW miners. Blocks are not valid unless they include at least 3 votes, and the reward is reduced if less than 5 are included. This enhances the security of the network and makes it more difficult to attack.

Whenever a change to the network's consensus rules is proposed this triggers an on chain vote. When tickets vote to approve the previous block they can also vote yes or no to any open consensus rules change proposal. If proposals are approved by 75% of tickets over a one month period, they will automatically activate one month later.

Politeia voting happens off chain and steer


The @pi_crumbs twitter account makes formulaic tweets about Politeia proposal activity.

  1. Each time a new proposal appears, tweet: "New proposal - [proposal title] [proposal link]"
  2. Each time a (significant) edit is made to a proposal, tweet: "Proposal edited - [proposal title] [proposal link]"
  3. Each time voting opens for a proposal, tweet: "Proposal voting open - [proposal title] [proposal link]"
  4. Around 4-5 days into the voting period, tweet: "Proposal voting update - [proposal title], X% Approve, Y votes cast (% of pool). X hours remaining [proposal link]"
  5. Each time voting for a proposal ends, tweet: "Proposal voting finished - [proposal title], X% Approve, Y votes cast (% of pool). [proposal link]"