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Blogger Automatic Content Generation and Publication
from gdata import service
import gdata
import atom
import feedparser
from time import *
banner = """
Blogger Automatic Content Generation and Publication
Coded by Ricky L. Wilson
Post entries from RSS feeds to a blogger blog using Googles Blogger API.
Don't go to crazy Blogger only alows 50 post's a day
print banner
blog_id = ''
email = ''
password = ''
source = 'My blog'
feeds = [""]
limit = 2
# Programmatically log in to blogger
blogger_service = service.GDataService(email,password)
blogger_service.source = source
blogger_service.service = 'blogger'
blogger_service.account_type = 'GOOGLE'
blogger_service.server = ''
def CreatePublicPost(blogger_service, blog_id, title, content):
entry = gdata.GDataEntry()
entry.title = atom.Title('xhtml', title)
entry.content = atom.Content(content_type='html', text=content)
return blogger_service.Post(entry, '/feeds/%s/posts/default' % blog_id)
def publishFeed(url,limit=0):
d = feedparser.parse(url)
feed_title = d.feed.title
feed_description = d.feed.description
feed_entries = d.entries
n_entries = len(feed_entries)
n_posted = 0
for i in feed_entries:
if n_posted <= limit:
title = i.title
link =
description = i.description
if title and link and description and title not in titles_posted:
print "Posting %s" % (title)
print "%d posts posted" % (n_posted)
post = CreatePublicPost(blogger_service, blog_id,title,description)
n_posted = n_posted + 1
except gdata.service.RequestError:
print "Blog has exceeded rate limit of 50 or otherwise\nrequires word verification for new posts"
print "Should be back in action tomorow"
else: pass
def main(feeds,limit,delay):
while True:
for feed in feeds:
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