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looking for a job

Rinat Valiullov RinatValiullov

looking for a job
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benfrain / Preferences.sublime-settings
Last active Jun 9, 2018
Sublime Text 3 preferences
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"always_show_minimap_viewport": true,
"auto_complete_delay": 0,
"auto_complete_selector": "source, text",
"characters": "$",
"selector": "text.html"
Raynos /
Created Jan 23, 2012
Shim status of ES6

ES6 what can be shimmed and what not.

Currently only lists things that can be shimmed or are experimentally implemented

Note that for any kind of decent ES6 support we need an ES6 transpiler. A few projects are attempting this [Reference SO question][3]

  • [traceur][4]
  • [Caja][5]
  • [ES transpiler][6]
Jarred-Sumner / Stylefile.yml
Last active Jan 3, 2019
Customizations for via StyleURL.
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version: 1.0
timestamp: '2018-07-11T06:39:04Z'
id: 3TMk
shared_via: StyleURL – import and export CSS changes from Chrome Inspector to a Gist
obenjiro /
Last active Feb 5, 2019
CSS Методологии, от О до Б
rauschma / execAll.js
Last active Apr 7, 2019
A version of RegExp.prototype.exec() that returns an iterable
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console.log(extractQuotedTextES5('“a” and “b” or “c”')); // [ 'a', 'b', 'c' ]
// If exec() is invoked on a regular expression whose flag /g is set
// then the regular expression is abused as an iterator:
// Its property `lastIndex` tracks how far along the iteration is
// and must be reset. It also means that the regular expression can’t be frozen.
var regexES5 = /(.*?)/g;
function extractQuotedTextES5(str) {
regexES5.lastIndex = 0; // to be safe
var results = [];
eligrey / outerHTML.js
Created Jun 24, 2011
Efficient outerHTML polyfill that doesn't use cloneNode(true)
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* outerHTML.js
* Cross-browser full HTMLElement.outerHTML implementation.
* 2011-11-14
* By Eli Grey,
* Public Domain.
tgtmpaccount / foo.txt
Created Feb 10, 2019
Vimium Configuration for DevTools
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map j scrollDown
map k scrollUp
map q removeTab
map Q restoreTab
map h previousTab
map l nextTab
map r reload
map R reload hard
map l- goToRoot
adactio / timestampComparison.js
Last active Jul 30, 2019
Compare server and client timestamps
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// Generate a timestamp (in seconds) on the server. This won't change if the page is served from a cache.
var serverTimestamp = <?php echo time(); ?>;
// Create a new Date object from the local date and time on the client.
var localDate = new Date();
// Convert the local date and time to Universal Time (same as the server).
var localUTCString = localDate.toUTCString();
// Create a new Date object from the UTC date and time on the client.
var UTCDate = new Date(localUTCString);
// Generate a timestamp (in seconds) from the UTC date and time on the client.
var clientTimestamp = UTCDate.getTime() / 1000;
rolandinsh / gist:3510701
Created Aug 29, 2012
Do Not Track (DNT) detect with PHP code
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function get_smc_dnt() {
* Do Not Track for privacy.
* When this feature is enabled, webpage should exclude all tracking tools,
* like Google Analytic and advertising networks
// returns TRUE if DNT is on and is equal to 1,
// returns FALSE if DNT is unset OR not equal to 1
return (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_DNT']) && $_SERVER['HTTP_DNT'] == 1);
derhuerst /
Last active Sep 1, 2019
Prototypal Inheritance in JavaScript