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Rishi Raj RishiRaj22

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var table = []"dataTable"))[0]
var as = []"a"));
as = => a.innerText);
var amrteams = [`LongTimeNoShe`,`Chicken Platter`,`threeThreads`,`imperfect`,`Complex Bytes`,`2b || !2b`,`Chernobles`,`code_geass`,`Lamellar`,`8BitCoders`,`gnit_42`,`700`,`Desi_Virus`,`buttermilk`,`The Trinity`,`TeamAVM`,`That's_what_she_said`,`The clones`,`Insurgents`,`A_FORCE`,
`whatever`,`parabellum`,`WhiteKnife`,`Soch_lo`,`Hyperloop`,`Enjoy College Life`,`Team07`,`Roti Kapda Aur Code`,`D_Coderzz`,`Persistent_noobs`,`pirates of silicon valley`,`LAZY CODERS`,`Night_Owls`,`Logarithmic`,`TooDumbToWin`,`DMH`,`Bhai_Chal_Ja`,`Jai_Mata_Di`,`Maa_Ka_Bharosa`,`We_Live_In_Code`,
`(^_^)(^_^)(^_^)`,`Code_Heist`,`glhf`,`land krade`,`NoBruteForce`,`FooBar`,`How_did_we_get_here?`,`null_pointers`,`Stack Crushers`,`Butter_Garlic`,`binary_beasts`,`Last_Segment_Tree`,`AccioAC`,`VECTORious ACers`,`SBG_INDIA`,`HexClan`,`#beyondlimits`,`OOPS_ITS_DSA`,`3is1plus1plus1`,`
RishiRaj22 / game.cpp
Last active Mar 26, 2019
A game made in computer lab that works in Turbo C++
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A game made in computer lab that works in Turbo C++
#include <graphics.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <dos.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <time.h>
RishiRaj22 /
Last active Aug 15, 2018
GSoC 2018: XMPP Compliance Tester

GSoC 2018: XMPP Compliance Tester

by Rishi Raj, for

Project link:

The main goal of this project was to create a web application to check compliance of XMPP servers with XEPs (XMPP Extension Protocols) based off of the existing XMPP Compliance Tester tool. A new repository was created for this project, as using the old one was not feassible due to major structural changes. This new repository can be found at

It contains all of the code written as a part of the GSoC project.

Here is the list of the proposed deliverables, along with their status at the end of the GSoC period:

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