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Created March 2, 2018 06:51
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Rolebanning for Dummies

Are you a moderator who wants peace in your community? Do you want to confront that one problem user without interrupting public chat, but don't want to use DMs? Well look no further than rolebans!

What is it?

Rolebanning is a system that allows a moderation team to confront people in private. This is done by using the roleban command to remove all the user's roles and replace it with the Rolebanned role, which will prevent them from speaking anywhere except the roleban channel. A notification of this roleban will then be sent to the mod channel to notify the other mods.

When your discussion is complete, and assuming you did not ban the person, they can be unrolebanned via a similar command, returning their roles. The roleban channel will then be archived and purged for later use.

How do I use it?

A good question! We shall review the usage of the roleban module in this section.


(also rb)

This command will accept multiple user mentions or IDs, or, alternatively, a single name/nickname/name#discrim to roleban. This will strip each user's roles and replace them with a role named Rolebanned (other role names are available on request). This role will have to be manually configured to not be able to see any other channel except the channel dedicated for rolebans.

If this command is used outside the mod channel, a separate notification will appear there including which mod used this command in which channel on who.

If you use the command on yourself, you will also gain the role, but not be stripped.


(also urb)

This command, like the one before it, will accept multiple user mentions or IDs, or, alternatively, a single name/nickname/name#discrim to unroleban. If no arguments are specified, it will apply to every currently rolebanned user on the server. This will remove the user's Rolebanned role and, if the bot has not been reset yet, return the user's previous roles prior to the roleban.

If this command is used in the roleban channel, it will instead output its unrolebans to the mod channel.

This feature can also be triggered by manually removing the Rolebanned role from the rolebanned user manually. This will be detected and the roles automatically restored.


This command requires the archive feature to be enabled on your server.

This command will accept member ids, mentions, names, nicknames and name#discrims. If used without arguments, it will identify the last person to be unrolebanned or banned in the last three minutes.

When used in the roleban channel, it will archive the entire channel and upload the log, with an appropriate filename to Google Drive, notifying and linking it in the mod channel.

When used anywhere else, it will instead function as a search feature, and search your Google Drive archive folder for the title of any specific log.


Deletes messages. Please refer to {purge help for further information regarding this command.

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