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Good morning everyone, and welcome to Day 1 of MTH 124. Each weekday morning, you'll receive an announcement with all the stuff you need to know for the day, along with a look ahead at the rest of the week. These announcements are posted on Blackboard in the "Announcements" area, which you can find in the left sidebar; and they should also be automatically sent to your GVSU email as well once they are posted. I'll also cross-post them in the #announcements channel on CampusWire.
First of all, I posted an announcement last week. Please go check that out first.
Today you should focus on making sure you are set up on the course technology platforms (Blackboard and CampusWire) and on completing some or all of the early class assignments that are due on Tuesday, May 7. Specifically:
• On Blackboard, locate the syllabus and the calendar, and read thoroughly through the syllabus and review the calendar carefully (especially if you know you have upcoming commitments this summer). If you have a question on the syllabus, you can leave that question directly on the document by commenting on the Google Doc. Instructions are at the very top of page 1 of the syllabus.
• Also on Blackboard, locate the packet for Module 1 (under Course Modules) and read it through.
• In the Module 1 packet, find the section called "Module Activities" and then "Explorations". At the beginning of each week, you'll do an Exploration assignment that gets you into the week's new material. It contains reading assignments (sometimes video and other items) followed by activities to complete. This week you have a number of Exploration tasks to complete that involve a mix of both learning math and getting set up on our technology. Today, try to complete all but the very last task listed. (I.e. all the technology-related tasks)
• Especially, try to complete the Syllabus/Calendar Quiz located on Blackboard. You can find it in the START HERE area. You need to complete this quiz with a 100% by Friday evening, but it's better if you get it done now (so you'll know your way around the course).
• If you complete all these items and want to work ahead, go ahead and do the final task in the Explorations for Module 1 --- working through two Preview Activities and submitting your responses on a Google Form.
Your first two WeBWorK assignments are also posted. You can find those by going to Blackboard, clicking on "WeBWorK" in the sidebar, signing in (using your GVSU email username and password), and then clicking on the link for the homework set. Right now "WW1" and "WW2" are available. You can see the deadlines for these in the homework set list (5/12/2019 at 11:59pm EDT for WW1, for instance). You can do and redo WeBWorK problems as often as you need to, up until the deadline. I recommend starting on these as soon as you've finished the Explorations assignments -- don't wait until Sunday afternoon!
Your upcoming deadlines for this week:
• Tuesday, May 7: All parts of Module 1 Explorations except the Syllabus/Calendar quiz are due.
• Wednesday, May 8: Your work on Assigned Activities is due on CampusWire. More info on this coming later today, so watch your email.
• Friday, May 10: Syllabus/Calendar quiz due.
• Sunday, May 12: Module 1 Weekly Report and WeBWorK set 1 due.
Note: All deadlines are 11:59pm EDT unless otherwise noted.
Here are some other notes for today:
• Office hours today are 12-2, same as every other weekday. If you're on the Allendale campus, drop by and say hello. If you're not on campus, you can "drop in" via a chat in the #officehours room on CampusWire. You can also request a videoconference if you're not on campus but want to talk face-to-face. I have an appointment from 1:30-2:00 but the first 90 minutes are currently open.
• As I mentioned in my personal intro on CampusWire, I'm in physical therapy MWF mornings for the next couple of weeks. I will be online this morning until about 8:30 but then I will be offline from 8:30-11:30 for this. This will be the case each MWF until May 17.
• You can ask a question about anything at any time. Just leave it on CampusWire; or leave a comment on the Google Doc if it's about the syllabus or Module 1; or send it in an email or DM if it's private
Thanks again for taking the class, and I'll see you online!
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