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import numpy as np
def d1(c, x):
return sum(abs(x-c))
#Data points: x1,x2,x3,…,xNx1,x2,x3,…,xN
def generate_nods(N):
x = np.linspace(-1.0, 1.0, num=N)
e = np.random.uniform(-0.1, 0.1, size=N)
return x+e
def generate_points(x, z, f):
”’ ordinates for z ”’
d = np.zeros_like(z)
for i in range(size(z)):
d[i] = f(z[i], x)
return d
N = 5
x = generate_nods(N)
d = generate_points(x, x, d1)
#Points for plotting
n = 481
z = np.linspace(-1.2, 1.2, num=n)
y = generate_points(x, z, d1)
plot(z, y)
plot(x, d, ‘bo’)
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