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Show Sitecore Config - can be useful for CD servers
@using Sitecore.Configuration
<!-- Author: Robert Senktas vel RobsonAutomator -->
<!-- Remove this file from server after usage -->
<!-- http://<hostname>/showconfig.cshtml?save=true saves xml to the App_Data folder -->
if (!Context.Request.IsLocal)
Response.StatusCode = 404;
var xmlDocument = Factory.GetConfiguration();
if (Request.QueryString.HasKeys() && Request.QueryString.AllKeys.Any(x => x.Equals("save")))
var appDataPath = Context.Request.MapPath("~/App_Data");
if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(appDataPath))
var xmlPath = Path.Combine(appDataPath, $"{Context.Server.MachineName}-Config.xml");
Response.ContentType = "text/xml";
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