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User Domain Multiline Regex
((\w|\d)+) # Captures the Username which can be a word or digit (will require validation)
\s # separate domain by a space
( # capture the domain
( # Capture either a multipart domain (subsubdomain.subdomain.domain)
((?<=.).*.(\w|\d)+) # do a negative lookbehind to see if we have a subdomain and a capture anything (.*) for the subdomain up to the space
| # or a singular domain (domain)
(?<=\s)(\w|\d)+ # use a negative lookbehind to find a space that separates the username
. # Separate the domain
(\w+(?<=\w+).\w+) #Do a negative lookbehind to check for multipart subdomain
\w+ # default to (single tld)
) # look for either a multipart tld ( or a regular tld (.com)
$ #Start at the end of the line
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