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Виктор Диктор Rpsl

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(function() {
try {
var $_console$$ = console;
Object.defineProperty(window, "console", {
get: function() {
if ($_console$$._commandLineAPI)
throw "Sorry, for security reasons, the script console is deactivated on";
return $_console$$
set: function($val$$) {
Rpsl / twig_str2javascript_helper.php
Created Sep 3, 2012
Twig filter "String 2 Javascript"
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* Вывод текста через javascript, чтобы он не индексировался поисковиками.
* @param $str
* @return string|bool
function str2javascript( $str = FALSE )
Rpsl / gist:3689563
Created Sep 10, 2012
PHP check zombie process
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//Проверка на зависший процесс
$pid = '/tmp/';
$timeout = 3 * 60 * 60;
if ( is_file( $pid ) )
$pidInfo = explode( '|', file_get_contents( $pid ) );
if ( isset( $pidInfo[1] ) AND $pidInfo[1] + $timeout > time() )
Rpsl / index.js
Created Dec 29, 2015
node js stream soundcloud to airplay
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var browser = require('airplay').createBrowser(2);
var resolve = require('soundcloud-resolve');
browser.on('deviceOnline', function(device) {
console.log('device online: ' +;
if( == 'SysadmTV') {
Rpsl /
Created Jun 11, 2014
Image Optimize
for file in `find . -iname "*.jpg" -or -iname "*.png" -or -iname "*.jpeg"`;do
if [ -n "$ext" ]; then
if [ "$ext" = "jpg" ]; then
echo "optimizing ${file} as jpeg file with jpegtran"
jpegtran -copy none -optimize -perfect -outfile temp_abracadabra_filename.jpg $file
mv -f temp_abracadabra_filename.jpg $file;
if [ "$ext" = "jpeg" ]; then
echo "optimizing ${file} as jpeg file with jpegtran"

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am rpsl on github.
  • I am rpsl ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASBdGqf_liiGzgSryz2XNzvKm2m7yF4iSP0EenvLaIr-Dgo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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brew install aspell --with-lang-ru
mkdir -p ~/your-work-directory/aspell && aspell -l ru dump master | aspell -l ru expand | tr ' ' '\n' > ~/your-work-directory/aspell/russian.dic
Затем в IDE: Settings->Editor->Spelling->Dictionaries->Custom Dictionaries
Добавляем ~/your-work-directory/aspell
Rpsl / commit-msg
Last active Dec 16, 2016
Check commit msg before commit
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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Install:
# cp ./.git/hooks/commit-msg ./.git/hooks/commit-msg.old 2>/dev/null; curl > ./.git/hooks/commit-msg && chmod +x ./.git/hooks/commit-msg
import sys
import os
import re
from subprocess import check_output
Rpsl / apps.scpt
Created Nov 26, 2015
A little script to gather any application windows that are partially offscreen in some way and shift them back to the desktop. This is particularly useful if you use a MacBook with an external display.
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tell application "Finder"
-- get desktop dimensions (dw = desktop width; dh = desktop height)
set db to bounds of window of desktop
set {dw, dh} to {item 3 of db, item 4 of db}
end tell
tell application "System Events"
repeat with proc in application processes
tell proc
repeat with win in windows
Rpsl /
Last active May 26, 2017
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