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Basic YUI Widget Structure.
/* global YUI */
YUI.add("my-module", function (Y) {
"use strict";
Y.MyWidget = Y.Base.create("my-module", Y.Widget, [], {
initializer: function () {
// publish any events
// do any instantiation that doesn't require DOM
renderUI: function () {
// create all DOM nodes
var title = Y.Node.create("<div></div>"),
button = Y.Node.create("<div>Click Me!</div>");
// use this.getClassName(arg1s...) to create unque classes
// add nodes to the page all at once
this.get("contentBox").append(Y.all([title, button]));
// store shortcuts for DOM you'll need to reference
this._titleNode = title;
this._buttonNode = button;
bindUI: function () {
// store references to event handlers you set on other
// objects for clean up later
this._buttonClickHandler = this._buttonNode.on("click", function (event) {
Y.log("you clicked the button!");
}, this);
// assign listeners to events on the instance directly
// they're cleaned up automatically
this.after("titleChange", this._afterTitleChange, this);
_afterTitleChange: function (event) {
syncUI: function () {
// now that the DOM is created, syncUI sets it up
// given the current state of our ATTRS
newVal: this.get("title")
destructor: function () {
if (this.get("rendered")) {
// bindUI was called, clean up events
this._buttonClickHandler = null;
// renderUI was called, clean up shortcuts
this._titleNode = this._buttonNode = null;
}, {
// Public attributes that broadcast change events
title: {
value: "No one gave me a title :("
// Attributes whose default values can be scraped from HTML
title: function (srcNode) {
return srcNode.getAttribute("title");
}, "3.3.0", {
requires: [
"base-build", // provides Y.Base.create
"widget" // provides Y.Widget
group: "nfl", // declares the nfl group (important for skins)
skinnable: true // declares that your module is skinned

Ry7n commented Oct 13, 2010

Backing up my comment on this post.

lsmith commented Dec 2, 2011

I recommend extending Base via Y.Base.create. See my YUIConf vid for details:


Ry7n commented Dec 14, 2011

Thanks. Updated the example to a more thorough description of Y.Widget.

As an absolute beginner to YUI, this page has been very useful, for other beginners coming across this page, you'll need to call it using something like this (feel free to edit this if it's not quite right):

YUI().use("my-module", function (Y) {
var MyWidget = new Y.MyWidget();

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