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Test script for SQL 2019 CTP 3.0
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#Requires -Modules SqlServer
<# 0A) Before any of this can work, you must have Docker Destop running.
You must also have the latest SqlServer module installed from the PowerShell Gallery.
Install-Module SqlServer
Import-Module SqlServer
<# 0B) Use this code to download the AdventureWorks2016.bak file from GitHub: #>
$BakURL = "";
$BakFile = "$($Home)/Downloads/AdventureWorks2016.bak";
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $BakURL -OutFile $BakFile;
<# 1) Create a SQL-on-Linux Docker Container with just the code below.
NOTE: You may want to change the password used for the SA account.
You may also want to change the Volumne path: "C:\SQLData\Docker\SQLDev63" #>
docker run -d -p 10063:1433 -v C:\SQLData\Docker\SQLDev63:/sqlserver -e ACCEPT_EULA=Y -e SA_PASSWORD=Test1234 --name testcontainer63
<# 2) Copy the backup file to the directory your container volume is mapped to.
Make sure you use the location you stored the .bak file in. #>
Copy-Item -Path "$($Home)\Downloads\AdventureWorks2016.bak" -Destination C:\SQLData\Docker\SQLDev63
<# Check to make sure you can successfully connect to your new SQL instance runnin in a Container.
Note: you should only see the four system databases at this point. #>
$Sql63Cred = (Get-Credential sa)
#Get-SqlDatabase -ServerInstance 'localhost,10063' -Credential $Sql63Cred
#docker exec -it testcontainer63 bash
Start-Sleep -Seconds 4
<# 3) Restore the AdventureWorks2016 database #>
Restore-SqlDatabase -ServerInstance 'localhost,10063' -Credential $Sql63Cred -BackupFile '/sqlserver/AdventureWorks2016.bak' -Database 'AdventureWorks2016' -AutoRelocateFile
<# Use the Get-SqlDatabase cmdlet to see all the databases on the instance. #>
Get-SqlDatabase -ServerInstance 'localhost,10063' -Credential $Sql63Cred
<# 4) This portion allows you to grab all four AdventureWorksDW sample databases from GitHub,
then downloads and the .bak file.
After the .bak files are downloaded you restore the instance specified. #>
$releases = Invoke-RestMethod
$BaksToDownload = ($releases | where { $ -eq 'AdventureWorks sample databases' -or $ -eq 'Wide World Importers sample database v1.0' }).assets |
WHERE { $ -like 'AdventureWorksDW201*bak' -and $ -notlike '*EXT*' } |
SELECT name, browser_download_url, size, updated_at
FOREACH ( $BakInfo in $BaksToDownload )
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $BakInfo.browser_download_url -OutFile "C:\SQLData\Docker\SQLDev63\$($"
Restore-SqlDatabase -ServerInstance 'localhost,10063' -Credential $Sql63Cred -BackupFile "/sqlserver/$($" -Database ($ -replace '.bak') -AutoRelocateFile
Get-SqlDatabase -ServerInstance 'localhost,10063' -Credential $Sql63Cred
<# Clean-up:
docker stop testcontainer63
docker rm testcontainer63
dir -Path C:\SQLData\Docker\SQLDev63 -Filter AdventureWorks*.bak | Remove-Item
If you don't already have a terminal window open, you need to first: <a href="command:workbench.action.terminal.focus">Open the terminal</a>
You probably don't have this directory on your machine, so run this: <a href="command:workbench.action.terminal.sendSequence?%7B%22text%22%3A%22mkdir%20C:%2FSQLData%2FDocker%2FSQLDev63%22%7D">mkdir C:/SQLData/Docker/SQLDev63 </a> (Yes, it works with the slashes in that direction.)
<a href="command:workbench.action.terminal.sendSequence?%7B%22text%22%3A%22Invoke-Expression%20(">Spin up a Docker Container with Invoke-Expression (Invoke-WebRequest </a> Just click enter after the command is placed into the terminal. When prompted, the sa password is Test1234, but you can obviously change this.
Another example: <a href="command:workbench.action.terminal.sendSequence?%7B%22text%22%3A%22Invoke-Expression%20(Invoke-WebRequest%20https:%2F%2Faka%2Ems%2Frstools)%22%7D">Download RSTools Module </a>using Invoke-Expression (Invoke-WebRequest
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