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Sander Moolin SaFrMo

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* Get the host of the this script. The host will be used for posting the data.
var getHost = function () {
var scripts = document.getElementsByTagName("script");
var i;
for (i = 0; i < scripts.length; i++) {
var urlAttribute = scripts[i].attributes.getNamedItem("src");
if (urlAttribute) {
var url = urlAttribute.nodeValue;

Some NPM packages I've written or contributed to:

  1. auto-blur - Blur a button or other element automatically when clicked.
  2. blast-vanilla - Vanilla version of Blast.js. Blast text apart to make it manipulable.
  3. fh-components - Reusable Vue + Vuepress components.
  4. fh-deploy - Deploy files to a server via SFTP.
  5. sketch-outline - Outline a element in Vue on focus or hover using the hand-drawn style of roughjs.
  6. zoomhaus - Medium-like vanilla JS image takeover effect.

Phaser packages

SaFrMo / vuepress-snippets.js
Last active Mar 8, 2018
Common useful Vuepress functions
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// catch newsletter button - any link with `#newsletter` triggers the callback
window.addEventListener('click', evt => {
if( && && typeof == 'string' &&'#newsletter') != -1 ){
// keys!
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<main class="content home"></main>
export default {}
SaFrMo /
Last active Feb 12, 2018
Changes for Ambassador

Transition Steps

  1. Front page
    1. Switch Front Page > Rooms to Rooms v2
    2. Remove extra content from children of Rooms
    3. Switch Callouts to Rooms v2 template
    4. Remove extra content from children of Callouts
    5. Switch "Dining & Entertainment" to Landscape Slideshow template
    6. Add content to children of "Dining & Entertainment"
    7. Add custom gallery to front page
  2. Menus

Work Detail

  • On work-detail pages, credits below the video are set up like this:
    <span class="credit">
    <span class="credit">
      <span>Production Company</span>

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am safrmo on github.
  • I am safrmo ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASBu-WO-xxfU6n0lkWsmHwlyGp3X2eba7iBHO70mLul_uwo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

SaFrMo /
Created Sep 22, 2017
Funkhaus Plugins
  1. Vuepress: Vue.js on top of WordPress
  2. fitToParent: Vanilla JS to resize a DOM element to fit its parent container while maintaining original aspect ratio
  3. Zoomhaus: Vanilla JS+CSS smooth image takeover effect
  4. Rest-Easy: WordPress plugin to rest-ify your site with zero effort and powerful customization
  5. FH-Footer: Self-updating slide-to-reveal footer in vanilla JS
  6. FH-Overlap: Simple overlap checker in vanilla JS
  7. funky-colors: WordPress plugin to detect a palette of colors from each image in the media library
  8. Funky-Imgix: WordPress plugin to get Imgix images easily
  9. WP-Shopify: WordPress plugin for easy Shopify integrat


  • Add a child to a work-detail page to make it a campaign - the campaign's body will be in the child
  • Maria Carretero page has a few special details:
    • "Color" category is structured like this:
      * Color
          * Maria Carretero
              * First Block Title - Second Block Title
              * Other Spots
              * ...


Front Page

  • The first, second, and third children of the front page will become the top left, bottom left, and portrait right images on the front page (just below the hero).
  • The three latest posts with the "Front Page" category will be rendered on the front page.

Work Grids

  • The first child of any given work grid will be rendered in the featured spot for that work grid.

Bios on About page

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