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Created Nov 20, 2017
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Work Detail

  • On work-detail pages, credits below the video are set up like this:
    <span class="credit">
    <span class="credit">
      <span>Production Company</span>
      <span>Rattling Stick</span>


  • Sample "What We Do" section:
    We develop music strategies for global brands, provide music search and licensing services, create innovative activations, and throw a mean party.
    <div class="split">
            <div class="label">What We Do</div>
                <li>Sound Design</li>
                <li>Video Playback</li>
                <li>Music Composition</li>
        <img src="http://machine.local/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/3UVJyU.png" alt="" width="756" height="505" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-59" />
  • About Structure:
    • Our Team
      • team member
      • etc...
    • Studios
      • US
      • UK


  • Front Page
    • Slide
    • ...
  • Work Grid
    • Work Detail
    • ...
  • About
    • Team
    • Studios
  • News
    • Single
    • ...
  • Contact
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