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def ip_fraud(self, data):
exists = RedisConn().bloom().cfExists(Constants.IP_CUCKOO_FILTER_NAME, data['ip'])
if exists:
data['fraud_type'] = Constants.IP_BLACKLIST
data['status'] = Constants.FRAUD
return exists
def click_spam(self, data):
is_click_spammed = False
count = RedisConn().redis().zcount(data.get('device_id'), data['ts'] - self.click_spam_window_in_sec, data['ts'])
if count >= self.click_spam_threshold:
is_click_spammed = True
data['fraud_type'] = Constants.CLICK_SPAM
data['status'] = Constants.FRAUD
return is_click_spammed
def publish(self, data):
RedisConn().redis().xadd(Constants.STREAM_NAME, data, id='*')
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