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Created Jan 2, 2020
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SOBERS Assignment


For this assingment our client has a website that takes personal export of banking history. And displays it in the frontend. There is already a version that runs for single bank. Your version is no longer a poc but meant to be build for maintance. You have the task to create a script that parses data from multiple banks. In the future the client would like to add more intregration with different banks.


You are tasked to create script that will parse multiple csv's and create a unified csv. There are 3 different csv's, this will increase in the future. The client has as hard requirement that the result is stored as csv file. But json and xml will be used in the future, maybe even storing the result in a database.

In the data folder there are 3 csv's with banking data. Since the csv's come from different banks the layout of data can differ. The bank statements have data from the month October.


Create a script according to above specified requirements. You are allowed to take as much time as needed, But try to manage your time to around 1 or 2 hours. Since we are Python shop the script must be done with Python. Scoring is based on:

  • Correctness
  • Code archticture
  • Maintainablity
  • Testablity
  • Extendablity
  • Pythonicness of code

Test are not required, but plus points for tests. This is moment to show your skills.

timestamp type amount from to
Oct 1 2019 remove 99.10 198 182
Oct 2 2019 add 2000.10 188 198
date transaction amounts to from
03-10-2019 remove 99.99 182 198
04-10-2019 add 2123.99 198 188
date_readable type euro cents to from
5 Oct 2019 remove 5 44 182 198
6 Oct 2019 add 1060 44 198 188
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