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# A little bash script to download our juicy ONT PION data
# If this doesn't work for you, express your disappointment to @samstudio8.
# Use "EVEN" or "LOG" for $1, eg: `bash EVEN`
echo "Fetching signal blocks. Don't be afraid to CRTL+C and resume if needed..."
for i in {00..25}
echo $i;
wget -c$MODE-BB-SN_signal.tar.$i;
wget -c$MODE-BB-SN_signal.md5sums.remote;
echo "Calculating md5sums, this will definitely take a little while..."
echo "If you're feeling adventurous, you could go and comment these lines out."
md5sum Zymo-PromethION-$MODE-BB-SN_signal.tar.* > Zymo-PromethION-$MODE-BB-SN_signal.md5sums.local
echo "Comparing md5sums, if all is well, you shouldn't see any hashy looking output..."
comm -3 Zymo-PromethION-$MODE-BB-SN_signal.md5sums.local Zymo-PromethION-$MODE-BB-SN_signal.md5sums.remote
echo "---"
echo "Sticking your signal tar back together..."
echo "FYI, I'm doing this regardless of the above md5sum checks."
echo "The onus is on you to prevent any hash-based calamity."
cat Zymo-PromethION-$MODE-BB-SN_signal.tar.* > Zymo-PromethION-$MODE-BB-SN_signal.tar
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