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View timezones.php
return [
'-720,0' => [
'code' => 'Etc/GMT+12',
'name' => 'International Date Line West',
'offset_minutes' => -720,
'offset_hour' => '-12:00',
'dst' => false,
View widget_password.php
namespace Cms;
class Widget_Password extends \Fieldset_Field {
* @var \Cms\Fieldset_Field
protected $password;
Savageman / form.php
Created Oct 11, 2011
Fuel form : build fields
View form.php
class Form extends \Fuel\Core\Form {
public function field_template_public($build_field, \Fuel\Core\Fieldset_Field $field, $required) {
return parent::field_template($build_field, $field, $required);
public function build_field($field) {
Savageman / fieldset.php
Created Oct 11, 2011
Fuel fieldset: populate / repopulate widgets
View fieldset.php
class Fieldset extends \Fuel\Core\Fieldset {
* @param \Fuel\Core\Fieldset_Field $field A field instance
* @return \Fuel\Core\Fieldset_Field
public function add_field(\Fuel\Core\Fieldset_Field $field) {
Savageman / gist:1199235
Created Sep 6, 2011
Incorrect ES5 fallbacks
View gist:1199235

Incorrect ES5 fallbacks

Over the weekend I implemented a few Array methods in plain JavaScript to avoid recently patched Rhino bugs. That got my thinking about ES5 fallback implementations in various JavaScript libs/frameworks/transpilers. I decided to compile a not-so-complete list of ES5 related discrepancies found in many of them. Differences in native vs. fallback implementations create cross-browser inconsistencies and increase the chance of usage errors. I hope this post will raise awareness of just how hard it is to follow spec (during my research I found a few issues in my own projects too). All library developers should to take a closer look at their code and make the small changes needed to follow the specification (especially if your code forks for native methods).

Common Issues

Most implementations suffer from the following