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diff --git a/conn.go b/conn.go
index 1698b07..c45e131 100644
--- a/conn.go
+++ b/conn.go
@@ -570,6 +570,7 @@ func (c *Conn) handleIncomingPacket(buf []byte) (*alert, error) {
if h.epoch < c.getRemoteEpoch() {
+ c.log.Debugf("retransmitting, got message from old epoch: %v %v", h.epoch, c.getRemoteEpoch())
if _, alertPtr, err := c.flightHandler(c); err != nil {
return alertPtr, err
@@ -633,6 +634,7 @@ func (c *Conn) handleIncomingPacket(buf []byte) (*alert, error) {
return &alert{alertLevelFatal, alertUnexpectedMessage}, fmt.Errorf("ApplicationData with epoch of 0")
+ c.log.Debugf("decrypted with len(%v)", len(
c.decrypted <-
return &alert{alertLevelFatal, alertUnexpectedMessage}, fmt.Errorf("unhandled contentType %d", content.contentType())
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