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km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:21 25.5C - 15.8C 1006.7hPaNorth 3.5km/h 12.2km/h55%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:26 25.5C - 15.8C 1006.7hPaSE 6.1km/h 12.2km/h55% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total11:31 25.9C - 15.6C 1006.3hPaEast 7.2km/h 8.7km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total11:36 26.0C - 15.7C 1006.7hPaSouth 5.0km/h 8.7km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total11:41 26.1C - 15.5C 1006.3hPaSSW 9.7km/h 9.7km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:46
26.0C - 15.4C 1006.3hPaSW 5.0km/h 9.7km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:51 26.4C -
15.8C 1006.3hPaSW 5.0km/h 9.7km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:56 26.5C - 16.2C
1006.3hPaNW 8.7km/h 8.7km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:01 26.1C - 15.8C
1006.3hPaSouth 11.1km/h 11.1km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:06 26.3C - 16.0C
1006.3hPaNW 7.2km/h 11.1km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:11 26.6C - 16.3C
1006.3hPaSouth 9.7km/h 11.1km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:16 26.5C - 15.9C
1006.3hPaSW 9.7km/h 12.2km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:21 26.6C - 15.9C
1006.3hPaWest 7.2km/h 12.2km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:26 26.2C - 15.6C
1006.3hPaNW 11.1km/h 11.1km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:31 26.5C - 15.3C
1006.0hPaSouth 11.1km/h 11.1km/h50% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:36 26.9C 27.3C 15.6C
1006.0hPaSW 8.7km/h 11.1km/h50% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:41 27.1C 27.3C 14.8C
1006.0hPaSouth 7.2km/h 11.1km/h47% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:46 27.2C 27.6C 15.6C
1006.0hPaSW 6.1km/h 9.7km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:51 27.8C 27.9C 15.2C
1006.0hPaSouth 8.7km/h 9.7km/h46% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:56 27.8C 27.9C 15.2C
1006.0hPaNW 2.6km/h 9.7km/h46% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:01 28.1C 28.3C 15.8C
1005.6hPaSouth 5.0km/h 11.1km/h47% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:06 28.2C 28.3C 15.5C
1005.6hPaSE 6.1km/h 11.1km/h46% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:11 28.5C 28.6C 15.8C
1005.6hPaSE 14.8km/h 14.8km/h46% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:16 28.2C 28.3C 15.5C
1005.6hPaNE 6.1km/h 14.8km/h46% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:21 28.6C 28.8C 15.9C
1005.6hPaEast 2.6km/h 14.8km/h46% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:26 28.8C 28.8C 15.7C
1005.6hPaSW 6.1km/h 9.7km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:31 28.9C 29.0C 15.8C
1005.6hPaESE 7.2km/h 9.7km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:36 28.5C 28.5C 15.4C
1005.6hPaSSW 11.1km/h 14.8km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:41 28.6C 28.7C 15.6C
1005.6hPaSW 9.7km/h 14.8km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:46 28.4C 28.4C 15.3C
1005.6hPaSouth 8.7km/h 11.1km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:51 28.7C 28.7C 15.3C
1005.3hPaSW 12.2km/h 12.2km/h44% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:56 29.1C 29.0C 15.3C
1005.3hPaSW 6.1km/h 12.2km/h43% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:01 29.0C 29.0C 15.6C
1005.3hPaEast 7.2km/h 11.1km/h44% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:06 29.0C 29.0C 15.6C
1005.3hPaSE 7.2km/h 11.1km/h44% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:11 29.0C 28.9C 15.2C
1005.3hPaSE 6.1km/h 11.1km/h43% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:16 30.0C 29.8C 15.3C
1005.3hPaWest 2.6km/h 11.1km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:21 30.3C 29.9C 14.8C
1005.0hPaSW 13.4km/h 13.4km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:26 30.1C 29.7C 14.7C
1005.0hPaSW 9.7km/h 13.4km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:31 30.0C 29.9C 15.7C
1005.0hPaSE 3.5km/h 13.4km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:36 30.3C 29.9C 14.8C
1005.0hPaEast 5.0km/h 9.7km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalTimeTemp.Dew
PointPressureWindWind SpeedWind GustHumidityRainfall Rate (Hourly)Solar
Radiation00:02 18.2C 15.1C 1009.4hPaCalm 4.8km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0
watts/m^200:07 18.1C 14.8C 1009.4hPaCalm 4.8km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0
watts/m^200:12 18.1C 15.0C 1009.4hPaCalm 4.8km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0
watts/m^200:17 18.1C 15.0C 1009.4hPaCalm 6.4km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0
watts/m^200:22 18.1C 15.0C 1009.7hPaWNW 3.2km/h 6.4km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0
watts/m^200:27 17.9C 14.8C 1009.7hPaCalm 6.4km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0
watts/m^200:32 17.9C 14.8C 1009.7hPaCalm 6.4km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0
watts/m^200:37 17.9C 14.6C 1009.7hPaCalm 4.8km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0
watts/m^200:42 17.8C 14.5C 1009.7hPaNE 4.8km/h 4.8km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0
watts/m^200:47 17.9C 14.6C 1009.7hPaCalm 4.8km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0
watts/m^200:52 17.9C 14.6C 1009.7hPaCalm 6.4km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0
watts/m^200:57 17.8C 14.5C 1009.7hPaCalm 6.4km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0
watts/m^201:02 17.4C 14.3C 1010.0hPaCalm 6.4km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0
watts/m^201:07 16.9C 14.2C 1010.0hPaCalm 3.2km/h84% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0
watts/m^201:12 16.7C 14.2C 1009.7hPaWest 3.2km/h 3.2km/h85% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^201:17 16.7C 14.2C 1010.0hPaCalm 4.8km/h85% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^201:22 16.7C 14.2C 1010.0hPaCalm 4.8km/h85% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^201:27 16.6C 13.9C 1010.0hPaCalm 4.8km/h84% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^201:32 16.1C 13.8C 1010.0hPaENE 1.6km/h 1.6km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^201:37 15.8C 14.0C 1010.0hPaENE 3.2km/h 3.2km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^201:42 15.6C 13.8C 1010.0hPaENE 1.6km/h 4.8km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^201:47 15.3C 13.7C 1009.7hPaCalm 4.8km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^201:52 15.1C 13.6C 1009.7hPaCalm 4.8km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^201:57 15.1C 13.6C 1010.0hPaCalm 1.6km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^202:02 15.0C 13.5C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^202:07 14.9C 13.6C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^202:12 14.9C 13.6C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^202:17 14.9C 13.4C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^202:22 14.6C 13.3C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^202:27 14.6C 13.3C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^202:32 14.8C 13.7C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^202:37 14.9C 13.6C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^202:42 14.8C 13.5C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^202:47 14.8C 13.5C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^202:52 14.4C 12.9C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^202:57 14.6C 13.5C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^203:02 14.7C 13.4C 1010.0hPaCalm 0.0km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^203:07 14.6C 13.5C 1010.0hPaENE 1.6km/h 1.6km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^203:12 14.3C 13.2C 1010.0hPaCalm 3.2km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^203:17 13.7C 12.4C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^203:22 13.6C 12.7C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^203:27 13.7C 12.8C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^203:32 13.8C 12.9C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^203:37 13.7C 12.8C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^203:42 13.4C 12.5C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^203:47 13.3C 12.4C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^203:52 13.4C 12.6C 1010.4hPaENE 1.6km/h 0.0km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^203:57 13.4C 12.6C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^204:02 13.4C 12.6C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^204:07 13.6C 12.8C 1010.4hPaENE 1.6km/h 1.6km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^204:12 13.6C 13.0C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^204:17 13.4C 12.6C 1010.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^204:22 13.5C 12.9C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^204:27 13.2C 12.4C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^204:32 13.0C 12.2C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^204:37 13.1C 12.5C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^204:42 13.3C 12.7C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^204:47 13.3C 12.7C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^204:52 13.4C 12.8C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^204:57 12.9C 12.1C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^205:02 12.7C 12.1C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^205:07 12.8C 12.2C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^205:12 13.0C 12.4C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^205:17 12.9C 12.3C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^205:22 13.0C 12.4C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^205:27 12.8C 12.2C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^205:32 12.8C 12.2C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^205:37 12.7C 12.1C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^205:42 12.6C 12.0C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^205:47 12.5C 11.9C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^205:52 12.2C 11.6C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^205:57 12.0C 11.4C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^206:02 12.4C 11.9C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^206:07 12.1C 11.6C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^206:12 12.5C 12.0C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^206:17 12.7C 12.2C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^206:22 12.7C 12.2C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^206:27 12.1C 11.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total0.0 watts/m^206:32 12.2C 11.7C 1011.1hPaENE 3.2km/h 3.2km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total5.0 watts/m^206:37 12.6C 12.1C 1011.1hPaENE 1.6km/h 3.2km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total5.0 watts/m^206:42 12.5C 12.0C 1011.1hPaCalm 3.2km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total7.0 watts/m^206:47 12.2C 11.7C 1011.1hPaCalm 3.2km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total11.0 watts/m^206:52 12.0C 11.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 3.2km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total12.0 watts/m^206:57 12.1C 11.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total14.0 watts/m^207:02 12.5C 12.0C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total16.0 watts/m^207:07 12.3C 11.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total18.0 watts/m^207:12 12.5C 12.0C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total19.0 watts/m^207:17 12.7C 12.2C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total23.0 watts/m^207:22 13.0C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total33.0 watts/m^207:27 13.1C 12.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total26.0 watts/m^207:32 13.3C 12.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total56.0 watts/m^207:37 13.8C 13.3C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total65.0 watts/m^207:42 14.3C 13.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total74.0 watts/m^207:47 14.5C 14.0C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total84.0 watts/m^207:52 14.9C 14.4C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total97.0 watts/m^207:57 15.4C 14.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total107.0 watts/m^208:02 15.6C 14.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total121.0 watts/m^208:07 15.9C 14.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total134.0 watts/m^208:12 16.1C 14.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total148.0 watts/m^208:17 16.4C 14.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total165.0 watts/m^208:22 16.5C 14.9C 1011.1hPaCalm 3.2km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total193.0 watts/m^208:27 16.7C 14.7C 1011.1hPaEast 3.2km/h 3.2km/h88% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total200.0 watts/m^208:32 16.7C 14.7C 1011.1hPaEast 1.6km/h 4.8km/h88%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total207.0 watts/m^208:37 17.0C 14.6C 1011.1hPaEast 1.6km/h
4.8km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total218.0 watts/m^208:42 17.1C 14.7C 1011.1hPaCalm
8.0km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total236.0 watts/m^208:47 17.3C 14.9C 1011.1hPaCalm
11.3km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total255.0 watts/m^208:52 17.5C 14.8C 1011.1hPaCalm
11.3km/h84% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total265.0 watts/m^208:57 17.8C 14.9C 1011.1hPaCalm
8.0km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total279.0 watts/m^209:02 17.8C 14.9C 1011.1hPaWNW
1.6km/h 8.0km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total302.0 watts/m^209:07 18.1C 14.6C
1011.1hPaCalm 8.0km/h80% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total246.0 watts/m^209:12 18.3C 14.6C
1011.1hPaEast 3.2km/h 4.8km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total329.0 watts/m^209:17 18.5C
14.8C 1011.1hPaNE 4.8km/h 6.4km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total339.0 watts/m^209:22
18.6C 14.5C 1011.1hPaESE 1.6km/h 8.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total353.0
watts/m^209:27 18.7C 14.6C 1011.1hPaESE 1.6km/h 9.7km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total362.0 watts/m^209:32 18.7C 14.8C 1011.1hPaENE 3.2km/h 9.7km/h78% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total373.0 watts/m^209:37 18.8C 14.5C 1011.1hPaESE 3.2km/h 9.7km/h76%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total387.0 watts/m^209:42 19.1C 14.8C 1011.1hPaEast 1.6km/h
8.0km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total397.0 watts/m^209:47 19.3C 14.8C 1011.1hPaCalm
8.0km/h75% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total410.0 watts/m^209:52 19.4C 14.9C 1010.7hPaCalm
6.4km/h75% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total424.0 watts/m^209:57 19.7C 14.9C 1010.7hPaCalm
6.4km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total432.0 watts/m^210:02 19.5C 14.5C 1010.7hPaCalm
6.4km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total445.0 watts/m^210:07 19.6C 14.6C 1010.7hPaCalm
6.4km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total457.0 watts/m^210:12 19.9C 14.9C 1010.7hPaNorth
4.8km/h 8.0km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total483.0 watts/m^210:17 19.8C 14.4C
1010.7hPaCalm 9.7km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total482.0 watts/m^210:22 20.3C 14.9C
1010.7hPaSSW 4.8km/h 9.7km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total494.0 watts/m^210:27 20.3C
14.4C 1010.7hPaWSW 3.2km/h 9.7km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total503.0 watts/m^210:32
20.3C 14.6C 1010.7hPaNNW 3.2km/h 9.7km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total512.0
watts/m^210:37 20.8C 14.9C 1010.7hPaWSW 4.8km/h 9.7km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total524.0 watts/m^210:42 20.9C 14.8C 1010.7hPaCalm 8.0km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total531.0 watts/m^210:47 20.9C 15.0C 1010.7hPaNE 3.2km/h 8.0km/h69% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total545.0 watts/m^210:52 20.7C 14.1C 1010.7hPaNW 1.6km/h 8.0km/h66%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total552.0 watts/m^210:57 20.9C 14.5C 1010.7hPaEast 1.6km/h
8.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total564.0 watts/m^211:02 21.4C 15.0C 1010.7hPaSE
4.8km/h 8.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total573.0 watts/m^211:07 21.6C 15.0C
1010.7hPaWest 8.0km/h 8.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total582.0 watts/m^211:12 21.3C
14.7C 1010.7hPaCalm 11.3km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total587.0 watts/m^211:17 21.0C
14.6C 1010.7hPaCalm 12.9km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total598.0 watts/m^211:22 21.5C
15.1C 1010.7hPaSSW 3.2km/h 12.9km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total608.0 watts/m^211:27
22.3C 15.4C 1010.7hPaWest 1.6km/h 11.3km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total617.0
watts/m^211:32 22.2C 15.1C 1010.7hPaWest 12.9km/h 12.9km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total622.0 watts/m^211:37 21.8C 14.9C 1010.4hPaWSW 3.2km/h 12.9km/h65% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total629.0 watts/m^211:42 21.6C 15.2C 1010.4hPaWSW 3.2km/h 12.9km/h67%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total638.0 watts/m^211:47 21.8C 15.4C 1010.4hPaWSW 1.6km/h
12.9km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total645.0 watts/m^211:52 21.9C 15.0C 1010.4hPaWNW
8.0km/h 12.9km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total652.0 watts/m^211:57 22.0C 15.1C
1010.4hPaNW 1.6km/h 16.1km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total661.0 watts/m^212:02 22.5C
15.8C 1010.4hPaNE 4.8km/h 16.1km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total663.0 watts/m^212:07
22.4C 15.3C 1010.4hPaCalm 16.1km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total670.0 watts/m^212:12
22.7C 15.3C 1010.4hPaWNW 3.2km/h 9.7km/h63% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total677.0
watts/m^212:17 22.9C 15.0C 1010.4hPaCalm 11.3km/h61% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total680.0
watts/m^212:22 23.0C 14.8C 1010.4hPaWest 6.4km/h 11.3km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total686.0 watts/m^212:27 22.8C 14.9C 1010.0hPaSSW 4.8km/h 17.7km/h61% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total689.0 watts/m^212:32 23.1C 14.9C 1010.0hPaWest 9.7km/h 17.7km/h60%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total696.0 watts/m^212:37 23.1C 15.2C 1010.0hPaWest 8.0km/h
17.7km/h61% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total698.0 watts/m^212:42 23.3C 15.1C 1010.0hPaNW
3.2km/h 14.5km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total701.0 watts/m^212:47 23.4C 15.7C
1010.0hPaSSW 1.6km/h 14.5km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total705.0 watts/m^212:52 23.4C
15.2C 1010.0hPaWNW 4.8km/h 14.5km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total707.0 watts/m^212:57
23.1C 15.4C 1010.0hPaWest 4.8km/h 14.5km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total708.0
watts/m^213:02 23.4C 14.9C 1010.0hPaWSW 8.0km/h 14.5km/h59% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total710.0 watts/m^213:07 23.4C 15.2C 1010.0hPaNNW 4.8km/h 12.9km/h60% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total714.0 watts/m^213:12 24.0C 14.7C 1010.0hPaENE 1.6km/h 12.9km/h56%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total714.0 watts/m^213:17 24.1C 14.5C 1009.7hPaCalm 12.9km/h55%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total719.0 watts/m^213:22 24.0C 15.0C 1009.7hPaWest 3.2km/h
12.9km/h57% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total719.0 watts/m^213:27 24.0C 15.5C 1009.7hPaWest
11.3km/h 12.9km/h59% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total724.0 watts/m^213:32 23.9C 14.3C
1009.7hPaWest 4.8km/h 16.1km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total722.0 watts/m^213:37 24.2C
14.9C 1009.7hPaWest 4.8km/h 16.1km/h56% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total719.0 watts/m^213:42
24.3C 15.0C 1009.7hPaWNW 1.6km/h 16.1km/h56% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total719.0
watts/m^213:47 24.2C 14.3C 1009.7hPaCalm 14.5km/h54% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total721.0
watts/m^213:52 24.5C 13.4C 1009.7hPaWSW 12.9km/h 12.9km/h50% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total719.0 watts/m^213:57 24.6C 14.1C 1009.7hPaWSW 3.2km/h 12.9km/h52% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total717.0 watts/m^214:02 25.1C 13.9C 1009.4hPaSouth 1.6km/h 14.5km/h50%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total712.0 watts/m^214:07 25.2C 15.2C 1009.4hPaESE 1.6km/h
14.5km/h54% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total712.0 watts/m^214:12 24.8C 14.6C 1009.4hPaEast
3.2km/h 9.7km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total712.0 watts/m^214:17 24.9C 14.1C
1009.4hPaCalm 8.0km/h51% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total708.0 watts/m^214:22 25.2C 14.6C
1009.4hPaWest 11.3km/h 11.3km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total705.0 watts/m^214:27 25.7C
14.2C 1009.4hPaEast 3.2km/h 11.3km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total700.0 watts/m^214:32
25.5C 14.3C 1009.4hPaWest 9.7km/h 11.3km/h50% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total696.0
watts/m^214:37 25.7C 13.9C 1009.4hPaWNW 1.6km/h 11.3km/h48% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total693.0 watts/m^2TimeTemp.Dew PointPressureWindWind SpeedWind
GustHumidityRainfall Rate (Hourly)00:05 19.8C 3.9C 1009.0hPaCalm 1.6km/h35%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:20 19.7C 3.9C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total00:35 19.9C 3.9C 1008.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h35% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:50 19.4C
3.9C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:05 19.0C 4.4C 1008.7hPaSE
1.6km/h 1.6km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:20 18.9C 4.4C 1008.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h38%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:35 18.8C 3.9C 1008.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total01:50 18.4C 3.9C 1008.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:05 18.1C
4.4C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:20 17.6C 4.4C 1008.7hPaCalm
1.6km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:35 17.2C 5.0C 1008.7hPaSSE 1.6km/h 1.6km/h45%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:50 16.9C 5.0C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total03:05 17.0C 5.0C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:20 16.8C
5.0C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h46% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:36 16.1C 5.6C 1008.7hPaSSE
3.2km/h 3.2km/h50% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:51 15.0C 6.1C 1008.7hPaSE 1.6km/h
3.2km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:06 15.9C 5.0C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h49% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total04:21 16.2C 5.6C 1008.4hPaNorth 1.6km/h 1.6km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total04:36 16.9C 5.0C 1008.7hPaNNW 1.6km/h 4.8km/h46% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:51
15.8C 5.0C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:06 15.2C 5.0C
1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:21 15.1C 5.6C 1008.4hPaCalm
1.6km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:36 14.9C 5.6C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h54% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total05:51 14.7C 5.6C 1008.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:06
14.4C 5.6C 1008.4hPaCalm 4.8km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:21 14.8C 5.6C
1008.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:36 15.5C 5.6C 1008.4hPaNNE 4.8km/h
6.4km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:51 15.2C 6.1C 1008.4hPaNNE 1.6km/h 4.8km/h54%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:06 15.4C 6.1C 1008.4hPaNorth 1.6km/h 4.8km/h54% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total07:21 16.8C 6.7C 1008.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h51% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:36
17.5C 6.1C 1008.4hPaCalm 6.4km/h48% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:51 17.6C 6.1C
1008.4hPaNW 3.2km/h 6.4km/h48% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:06 18.1C 7.2C 1008.4hPaSE
1.6km/h 6.4km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:21 19.1C 6.7C 1008.4hPaSE 1.6km/h
4.8km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:36 19.3C 7.2C 1008.0hPaNNW 3.2km/h 3.2km/h45%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:51 20.1C 7.2C 1008.0hPaSSW 1.6km/h 8.0km/h44% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total09:06 20.6C 7.2C 1008.0hPaNNE 3.2km/h 6.4km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:21
20.9C 7.2C 1008.0hPaCalm 4.8km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:36 21.4C 7.8C
1008.0hPaCalm 6.4km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:51 21.9C 7.2C 1007.7hPaNNW 3.2km/h
6.4km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:06 22.8C 7.2C 1007.7hPaNNW 1.6km/h 6.4km/h37%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:21 23.4C 7.8C 1007.7hPaWNW 1.6km/h 4.8km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total10:36 23.5C 7.8C 1007.7hPaSouth 3.2km/h 4.8km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:51
24.0C 7.8C 1007.7hPaWest 1.6km/h 6.4km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:06 25.2C 7.8C
1007.3hPaNNW 4.8km/h 8.0km/h33% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:22 25.6C 8.3C 1007.0hPaCalm
8.0km/h33% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:37 25.9C 7.8C 1006.7hPaNE 8.0km/h 11.3km/h32%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:52 26.2C 8.3C 1006.3hPaNE 3.2km/h 14.5km/h32% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total12:07 27.3C 8.9C 1006.3hPaNW 4.8km/h 11.3km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:22
27.8C 8.3C 1006.3hPaENE 3.2km/h 12.9km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:37 28.4C 9.4C
1006.3hPaNorth 3.2km/h 9.7km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:52 29.1C 9.4C
1006.3hPaNNE 4.8km/h 11.3km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:07 29.3C 9.4C 1006.3hPaNNE
3.2km/h 11.3km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:22 29.3C 8.9C 1006.3hPaSouth 1.6km/h
9.7km/h28% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:37 29.6C 9.4C 1006.3hPaNorth 1.6km/h 8.0km/h28%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:52 29.8C 8.9C 1006.0hPaNW 1.6km/h 8.0km/h27% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total14:07 29.9C 8.9C 1006.0hPaNW 3.2km/h 9.7km/h27% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:22
30.2C 9.4C 1005.6hPaNW 3.2km/h 6.4km/h27% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:37 30.7C 9.4C
1005.6hPaSW 1.6km/h 4.8km/h27% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:52 29.9C 8.3C 1005.6hPaNNW
3.2km/h 6.4km/h26% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalTimeTemp.Dew PointPressureWindWind
SpeedWind GustHumidityRainfall Rate (Hourly)00:02 15.0C 13.2C 1010.4hPaWest
1.6km/h 1.6km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:07 15.1C 13.5C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h90%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:12 15.2C 13.4C 1010.4hPaWNW 1.6km/h 3.2km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total00:17 15.1C 13.3C 1010.4hPaWSW 1.6km/h 3.2km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:22
15.1C 13.5C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:27 15.0C 13.4C
1010.7hPaWest 1.6km/h 1.6km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:32 14.9C 13.3C
1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:37 14.9C 13.3C 1010.7hPaCalm
1.6km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:42 15.0C 13.4C 1010.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h90% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total00:48 14.9C 13.3C 1010.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:53
14.8C 13.2C 1010.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:58 14.7C 13.1C
1010.7hPaWNW 1.6km/h 1.6km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:03 14.7C 13.1C
1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:08 14.6C 13.0C 1010.4hPaCalm
1.6km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:13 14.5C 13.0C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h91% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total01:18 14.5C 13.0C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:23
14.4C 12.9C 1010.4hPaWest 1.6km/h 1.6km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:28 14.4C 12.9C
1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:33 14.4C 12.9C 1010.4hPaWest
1.6km/h 3.2km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:38 14.4C 12.9C 1010.4hPaWNW 1.6km/h
3.2km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:43 14.4C 12.9C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h91% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total01:48 14.2C 12.9C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:53
14.2C 12.9C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:58 14.0C 12.7C
1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:03 13.9C 12.8C 1010.4hPaCalm
1.6km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:08 13.8C 12.7C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h93% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total02:13 13.9C 12.9C 1010.7hPaWest 1.6km/h 1.6km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total02:18 13.9C 12.8C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:23 13.9C
12.8C 1010.4hPaWNW 1.6km/h 1.6km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:28 13.9C 12.8C
1010.7hPaWNW 3.2km/h 3.2km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:33 13.9C 12.9C 1010.7hPaWNW
1.6km/h 3.2km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:38 14.0C 13.0C 1010.7hPaWNW 1.6km/h
3.2km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:43 14.1C 13.0C 1010.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h93% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total02:48 14.0C 13.0C 1010.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:53
14.0C 13.0C 1010.7hPaWNW 3.2km/h 4.8km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:59 14.0C 12.9C
1010.7hPaWNW 3.2km/h 6.4km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:04 13.9C 12.8C
1010.7hPaCalm 6.4km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:09 13.8C 12.7C 1010.7hPaCalm
6.4km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:14 13.7C 12.8C 1010.7hPaCalm 4.8km/h94% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total03:19 13.7C 12.8C 1010.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:24
13.6C 12.7C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:29 13.4C 12.5C
1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:34 13.4C 12.6C 1010.7hPaWNW
1.6km/h 1.6km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:39 13.4C 12.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h95%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:44 13.3C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 3.2km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total03:49 13.3C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 3.2km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:54 13.3C
12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:59 13.3C 12.5C 1011.1hPaWNW
1.6km/h 0.0km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:04 13.3C 12.7C 1011.1hPaWNW 1.6km/h
1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:09 13.4C 12.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 4.8km/h95% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total04:14 13.4C 12.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 4.8km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:19
13.5C 12.9C 1011.1hPaCalm 4.8km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:24 13.4C 12.6C
1011.1hPaCalm 3.2km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:29 13.3C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm
1.6km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:34 13.2C 12.4C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h95% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total04:39 13.0C 12.2C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:44
13.1C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:49 13.1C 12.5C
1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:54 13.1C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm
0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:59 13.1C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total05:04 13.1C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:10
13.1C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:15 13.0C 12.4C
1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:20 12.9C 12.3C 1011.1hPaCalm
0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:25 13.0C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total05:30 13.0C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:35
13.0C 12.4C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:40 13.0C 12.5C
1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:45 12.9C 12.3C 1011.1hPaCalm
1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:50 12.9C 12.4C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total05:55 12.9C 12.4C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:00
12.9C 12.4C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:05 12.8C 12.3C
1011.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:10 12.9C 12.4C 1011.4hPaCalm
1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:15 12.8C 12.3C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total06:20 12.8C 12.3C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:25
12.8C 12.3C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:30 12.9C 12.4C
1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:35 12.8C 12.3C 1011.1hPaCalm
1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:40 12.9C 12.4C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total06:45 13.1C 12.6C 1011.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:50
13.3C 12.8C 1011.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:55 13.6C 13.0C
1011.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:00 13.7C 12.9C 1011.4hPaCalm
0.0km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:05 13.9C 13.1C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h95% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total07:10 14.1C 13.1C 1011.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:15
14.3C 13.2C 1011.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:20 14.5C 13.4C
1011.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:25 14.7C 13.4C 1011.7hPaCalm
1.6km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:30 14.7C 13.2C 1011.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h91% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total07:36 14.6C 13.3C 1011.7hPaWest 1.6km/h 1.6km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total07:41 14.8C 13.7C 1011.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:46 15.1C
13.8C 1011.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:51 15.2C 13.9C 1011.7hPaCalm
1.6km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:56 15.4C 13.9C 1011.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h91% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total08:01 15.6C 14.1C 1011.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:06
15.7C 14.2C 1011.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:11 15.8C 14.0C
1011.7hPaSE 3.2km/h 3.2km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:16 15.6C 14.1C 1011.7hPaEast
3.2km/h 4.8km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:21 15.5C 13.9C 1011.7hPaEast 3.2km/h
4.8km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:26 15.5C 14.0C 1011.7hPaEast 1.6km/h 4.8km/h91%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:31 15.5C 14.2C 1011.7hPaEast 3.2km/h 4.8km/h92% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total08:36 15.6C 14.1C 1011.7hPaESE 1.6km/h 4.8km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total08:41 15.6C 14.1C 1011.7hPaEast 3.2km/h 4.8km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:46
15.7C 14.1C 1011.7hPaENE 6.4km/h 6.4km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:51 15.8C 14.0C
1011.7hPaNE 4.8km/h 6.4km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:56 15.9C 14.3C 1011.7hPaNE
6.4km/h 6.4km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:01 15.8C 14.2C 1011.7hPaNNE 6.4km/h
8.0km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:06 15.7C 14.4C 1011.7hPaENE 6.4km/h 8.0km/h92%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:11 16.1C 14.5C 1011.7hPaENE 4.8km/h 8.0km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total09:16 16.3C 14.7C 1011.7hPaEast 3.2km/h 8.0km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:21
16.3C 14.7C 1011.7hPaNE 4.8km/h 6.4km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:26 16.4C 14.8C
1011.7hPaENE 4.8km/h 6.4km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:31 16.8C 15.0C
1011.7hPaEast 4.8km/h 8.0km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:36 17.0C 15.0C
1011.7hPaEast 3.2km/h 9.7km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:41 16.9C 15.1C
1011.4hPaEast 11.3km/h 11.3km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:46 16.6C 15.0C
1011.4hPaEast 6.4km/h 12.9km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:52 16.3C 14.7C
1011.7hPaEast 9.7km/h 12.9km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:57 16.7C 15.1C
1011.7hPaEast 1.6km/h 12.9km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:02 16.8C 15.1C
1011.4hPaNE 3.2km/h 12.9km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:07 17.1C 15.3C
1011.4hPaEast 6.4km/h 9.7km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:12 17.4C 15.4C 1011.4hPaNE
6.4km/h 9.7km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:17 17.6C 15.2C 1011.4hPaENE 4.8km/h
9.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:22 17.5C 15.3C 1011.4hPaESE 3.2km/h 9.7km/h87%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:27 17.1C 15.3C 1011.4hPaEast 9.7km/h 9.7km/h89% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total10:32 16.9C 15.2C 1011.1hPaEast 6.4km/h 11.3km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total10:37 17.3C 15.5C 1011.4hPaEast 8.0km/h 11.3km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:42
17.0C 15.3C 1011.4hPaENE 8.0km/h 11.3km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:47 17.1C 15.3C
1011.4hPaENE 9.7km/h 12.9km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:52 17.2C 15.4C
1011.4hPaEast 3.2km/h 12.9km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:57 17.3C 15.3C
1011.4hPaEast 3.2km/h 12.9km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:02 17.7C 15.7C
1011.1hPaENE 4.8km/h 9.7km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:07 18.0C 15.6C
1011.1hPaEast 4.8km/h 9.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:12 17.9C 15.7C
1011.1hPaEast 8.0km/h 9.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:17 17.4C 15.2C
1011.1hPaEast 4.8km/h 9.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:22 17.7C 15.7C
1011.1hPaENE 3.2km/h 8.0km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:27 17.9C 15.5C
1011.1hPaEast 6.4km/h 8.0km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:32 18.0C 15.8C
1011.1hPaCalm 8.0km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:37 18.1C 15.7C 1011.1hPaEast
6.4km/h 8.0km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:42 18.1C 15.9C 1011.1hPaEast 6.4km/h
9.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:47 17.4C 15.2C 1011.1hPaEast 4.8km/h 9.7km/h87%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:52 17.0C 15.2C 1011.1hPaEast 6.4km/h 9.7km/h89% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total11:57 17.5C 15.7C 1010.7hPaNE 3.2km/h 9.7km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total12:02 18.1C 15.7C 1010.7hPaEast 8.0km/h 9.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:07
18.0C 15.8C 1010.7hPaENE 8.0km/h 9.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:12 18.1C 15.9C
1010.7hPaNE 4.8km/h 9.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:17 18.6C 16.0C 1010.7hPaENE
6.4km/h 9.7km/h85% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:22 18.7C 16.1C 1010.7hPaENE 6.4km/h
9.7km/h85% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:27 18.9C 16.1C 1010.4hPaEast 6.4km/h 9.7km/h84%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:32 18.8C 16.0C 1010.4hPaNNW 4.8km/h 8.0km/h84% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total12:37 18.7C 15.8C 1010.4hPaEast 6.4km/h 9.7km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:42
18.8C 15.7C 1010.4hPaENE 4.8km/h 9.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:47 19.0C 16.0C
1010.4hPaEast 4.8km/h 9.7km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:52 19.1C 15.8C
1010.4hPaNNE 8.0km/h 9.7km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:57 19.5C 16.2C
1010.4hPaEast 6.4km/h 9.7km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:02 19.5C 16.0C
1010.4hPaNNE 6.4km/h 9.7km/h80% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:07 19.3C 16.1C 1010.4hPaNE
4.8km/h 11.3km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:12 18.8C 15.9C 1010.0hPaSSE 3.2km/h
11.3km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:17 18.8C 15.7C 1010.0hPaNE 3.2km/h 9.7km/h82%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:22 19.2C 16.1C 1010.0hPaNE 3.2km/h 9.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total13:27 19.2C 16.1C 1010.0hPaENE 6.4km/h 8.0km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:32
19.3C 16.0C 1010.0hPaEast 6.4km/h 8.0km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:37 19.3C 16.1C
1010.0hPaEast 4.8km/h 11.3km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:42 19.6C 16.2C
1010.0hPaENE 6.4km/h 11.3km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:47 19.7C 16.0C
1010.0hPaENE 8.0km/h 11.3km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:52 19.5C 16.2C
1010.0hPaENE 4.8km/h 11.3km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:57 19.6C 16.1C
1010.0hPaNorth 1.6km/h 11.3km/h80% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:02 19.4C 16.1C
1009.7hPaNNE 4.8km/h 11.3km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:07 19.6C 16.1C
1009.7hPaNNE 1.6km/h 8.0km/h80% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:13 19.8C 16.1C 1009.7hPaNNE
4.8km/h 6.4km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:18 20.0C 16.0C 1009.7hPaCalm 8.0km/h78%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:23 20.2C 15.8C 1009.7hPaEast 11.3km/h 11.3km/h76% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total14:28 20.4C 16.0C 1009.7hPaCalm 11.3km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:33
20.7C 16.1C 1009.7hPaNE 4.8km/h 11.3km/h75% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:38 21.1C 16.3C
1009.4hPaNNE 4.8km/h 11.3km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:43 20.8C 15.8C
1009.7hPaNNE 6.4km/h 9.7km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:48 20.8C 16.0C 1009.4hPaNE
3.2km/h 8.0km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:53 20.8C 15.8C 1009.4hPaNNE 4.8km/h
8.0km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:58 20.8C 15.8C 1009.4hPaNE 1.6km/h 8.0km/h73%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalTimeTemp.Dew PointPressureWindWind SpeedWind
GustHumidityRainfall Rate (Hourly)00:00 14.6C 8.6C 1013.8hPaCalm 0.0km/h67%
0.0mm/ - total00:05 14.5C 8.4C 1013.8hPaCalm 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ - total00:10
14.5C 8.7C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 9.3km/h68% 0.0mm/ - total00:15 14.4C 8.6C
1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 10.1km/h68% 0.0mm/ - total00:20 14.4C 8.6C 1013.8hPaNNE
9.3km/h 10.1km/h68% 0.0mm/ - total00:25 14.4C 8.6C 1013.8hPaCalm 9.3km/h68%
0.0mm/ - total00:30 14.4C 8.8C 1013.8hPaCalm 9.3km/h69% 0.0mm/ - total00:35
14.3C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 10.1km/h68% 0.0mm/ - total00:40 14.3C 8.7C
1013.8hPaNNE 10.1km/h 11.6km/h69% 0.0mm/ - total00:45 14.4C 8.8C 1013.8hPaNorth
10.8km/h 13.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ - total00:50 14.4C 8.8C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h
13.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ - total00:55 14.3C 8.7C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 13.0km/h69%
0.0mm/ - total01:05 14.1C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNorth 5.8km/h 12.2km/h69% 0.0mm/ -
total01:10 14.0C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 12.2km/h69% 0.0mm/ - total01:15
14.0C 8.6C 1013.8hPaNorth 12.2km/h 13.4km/h70% 0.0mm/ - total01:20 14.0C 8.6C
1013.8hPaNorth 5.8km/h 7.9km/h70% 0.0mm/ - total01:25 14.0C 8.6C 1013.8hPaNorth
10.8km/h 12.2km/h70% 0.0mm/ - total01:30 14.0C 8.6C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h
12.2km/h70% 0.0mm/ - total01:35 13.9C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 12.2km/h70%
0.0mm/ - total01:40 13.9C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 9.3km/h70% 0.0mm/ -
total01:45 13.9C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 10.1km/h70% 0.0mm/ - total01:50
13.9C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNNE 8.7km/h 10.1km/h70% 0.0mm/ - total01:55 13.9C 8.5C
1013.8hPaNNE 8.7km/h 10.8km/h70% 0.0mm/ - total02:00 13.9C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNNE
9.3km/h 11.6km/h70% 0.0mm/ - total02:05 14.0C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNNE 9.3km/h
13.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ - total02:10 14.0C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 13.0km/h69%
0.0mm/ - total02:15 14.0C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 13.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ -
total02:20 13.9C 8.3C 1013.8hPaNorth 6.4km/h 7.9km/h69% 0.0mm/ - total02:25
13.8C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 12.2km/h69% 0.0mm/ - total02:30 13.7C 8.3C
1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 12.2km/h70% 0.0mm/ - total02:35 13.5C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth
10.1km/h 13.4km/h70% 0.0mm/ - total02:40 13.4C 8.1C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h
13.4km/h70% 0.0mm/ - total02:45 13.3C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 10.8km/h71%
0.0mm/ - total02:50 13.3C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 6.4km/h 10.8km/h71% 0.0mm/ -
total02:55 13.2C 8.3C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 12.2km/h72% 0.0mm/ - total03:00
13.2C 8.3C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 12.2km/h72% 0.0mm/ - total03:05 13.1C 8.4C
1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 11.6km/h73% 0.0mm/ - total03:10 13.1C 8.4C
1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 11.6km/h73% 0.0mm/ - total03:15 13.1C 8.4C 1013.8hPaCalm
11.6km/h73% 0.0mm/ - total03:20 13.0C 8.3C 1013.8hPaCalm 0.0km/h73% 0.0mm/ -
total03:25 13.0C 8.3C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 10.1km/h73% 0.0mm/ - total03:30
12.9C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNNW 10.1km/h 12.2km/h74% 0.0mm/ - total03:35 12.9C 8.4C
1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 12.2km/h74% 0.0mm/ - total03:40 12.8C 8.3C 1013.8hPaNorth
9.3km/h 9.3km/h74% 0.0mm/ - total03:45 12.8C 8.3C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h
12.2km/h74% 0.0mm/ - total03:50 12.8C 8.3C 1013.8hPaNorth 5.8km/h 12.2km/h74%
0.0mm/ - total03:55 12.7C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 12.2km/h74% 0.0mm/ -
total04:00 12.7C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 8.7km/h74% 0.0mm/ - total04:05
12.7C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNNE 5.8km/h 10.1km/h74% 0.0mm/ - total04:10 12.6C 7.9C
1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 10.1km/h73% 0.0mm/ - total04:15 12.7C 8.0C
1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 10.1km/h73% 0.0mm/ - total04:20 12.7C 8.0C 1013.8hPaNorth
10.1km/h 10.1km/h73% 0.0mm/ - total04:25 12.5C 7.8C 1013.8hPaNorth 5.8km/h
10.1km/h73% 0.0mm/ - total04:30 12.5C 7.8C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 12.2km/h73%
0.0mm/ - total04:35 12.3C 7.6C 1013.8hPaNorth 12.2km/h 12.2km/h73% 0.0mm/ -
total04:40 12.2C 7.7C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 10.1km/h74% 0.0mm/ - total04:45
12.1C 7.6C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 13.0km/h74% 0.0mm/ - total04:50 12.1C 7.8C
1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 13.0km/h75% 0.0mm/ - total04:55 12.0C 7.7C 1013.8hPaNorth
6.4km/h 13.0km/h75% 0.0mm/ - total05:00 12.0C 7.9C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h
13.0km/h76% 0.0mm/ - total05:05 12.0C 8.1C 1013.8hPaNNW 9.3km/h 13.0km/h77%
0.0mm/ - total05:10 12.0C 8.1C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 13.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ -
total05:15 11.9C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 13.0km/h78% 0.0mm/ - total05:20
11.9C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 13.0km/h78% 0.0mm/ - total05:25 11.9C 8.4C
1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 12.2km/h79% 0.0mm/ - total05:30 11.9C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNorth
10.8km/h 12.2km/h79% 0.0mm/ - total05:35 11.9C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h
12.2km/h79% 0.0mm/ - total05:40 11.9C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 10.1km/h79%
0.0mm/ - total05:45 11.9C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 11.6km/h 12.2km/h79% 0.0mm/ -
total05:50 12.0C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNNE 9.3km/h 12.2km/h79% 0.0mm/ - total05:55 12.0C
8.5C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 12.2km/h79% 0.0mm/ - total06:00 12.0C 8.5C
1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 9.3km/h79% 0.0mm/ - total06:05 12.0C 8.3C 1013.8hPaNorth
6.4km/h 10.1km/h78% 0.0mm/ - total06:10 12.0C 8.3C 1013.8hPaCalm 10.1km/h78%
0.0mm/ - total06:15 11.9C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNNE 8.7km/h 10.1km/h78% 0.0mm/ -
total06:20 11.9C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 10.1km/h78% 0.0mm/ - total06:25
11.9C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 10.8km/h78% 0.0mm/ - total06:30 12.2C 8.5C
1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 10.8km/h78% 0.0mm/ - total06:40 13.0C 9.3C 1013.8hPaNorth
8.7km/h 8.7km/h78% 0.0mm/ - total06:45 13.4C 9.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h
11.6km/h77% 0.0mm/ - total06:50 14.2C 10.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 12.2km/h78%
0.0mm/ - total06:55 15.2C 10.8C 1013.8hPaCalm 12.2km/h75% 0.0mm/ - total07:00
15.9C 10.9C 1013.8hPaCalm 12.2km/h72% 0.0mm/ - total07:05 16.3C 10.6C
1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 13.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ - total07:10 16.1C 9.3C 1013.8hPaNNE
6.4km/h 13.0km/h64% 0.0mm/ - total07:15 16.0C 8.9C 1013.8hPaEast 5.8km/h
13.0km/h63% 0.0mm/ - total07:20 16.4C 8.1C 1013.8hPaNE 10.8km/h 17.7km/h58%
0.0mm/ - total07:25 17.0C 7.6C 1013.8hPaEast 18.3km/h 20.6km/h54% 0.0mm/ -
total07:30 17.5C 7.8C 1013.8hPaENE 10.1km/h 24.8km/h53% 0.0mm/ - total07:35
17.7C 7.7C 1013.8hPaESE 10.1km/h 24.8km/h52% 0.0mm/ - total07:40 18.0C 7.7C
1013.8hPaEast 17.7km/h 17.7km/h51% 0.0mm/ - total07:45 18.2C 7.3C 1013.8hPaENE
14.0km/h 21.2km/h49% 0.0mm/ - total07:50 18.4C 7.5C 1013.8hPaEast 24.1km/h
24.1km/h49% 0.0mm/ - total07:55 18.7C 7.5C 1013.8hPaEast 21.2km/h 24.8km/h48%
0.0mm/ - total08:00 18.9C 7.3C 1013.8hPaEast 21.2km/h 21.2km/h47% 0.0mm/ -
total08:05 19.0C 7.4C 1013.8hPaEast 20.6km/h 24.1km/h47% 0.0mm/ - total08:10
19.1C 7.6C 1013.8hPaEast 21.2km/h 28.0km/h47% 0.0mm/ - total08:15 19.3C 7.7C
1013.8hPaEast 21.2km/h 28.0km/h47% 0.0mm/ - total08:20 19.5C 7.6C 1013.8hPaEast
14.0km/h 28.0km/h46% 0.0mm/ - total08:25 19.7C 7.8C 1013.8hPaEast 13.0km/h
24.8km/h46% 0.0mm/ - total08:30 19.9C 7.9C 1013.8hPaESE 25.6km/h 28.8km/h46%
0.0mm/ - total08:35 20.0C 8.1C 1013.8hPaESE 21.2km/h 28.8km/h46% 0.0mm/ -
total08:40 20.2C 7.6C 1013.8hPaENE 15.4km/h 15.4km/h44% 0.0mm/ - total08:45
20.5C 7.8C 1013.8hPaEast 13.0km/h 28.0km/h44% 0.0mm/ - total08:50 20.6C 7.9C
1013.8hPaEast 20.6km/h 28.0km/h44% 0.0mm/ - total08:55 20.6C 7.2C 1013.8hPaEast
24.1km/h 28.0km/h42% 0.0mm/ - total09:00 20.9C 7.9C 1013.8hPaEast 24.1km/h
28.0km/h43% 0.0mm/ - total09:10 21.3C 7.9C 1013.8hPaEast 27.0km/h 30.2km/h42%
0.0mm/ - total09:15 21.6C 7.4C 1013.8hPaEast 26.2km/h 30.2km/h40% 0.0mm/ -
total09:20 21.9C 6.9C 1013.8hPaENE 25.6km/h 25.6km/h38% 0.0mm/ - total09:25
22.1C 6.3C 1013.8hPaEast 28.0km/h 28.0km/h36% 0.0mm/ - total09:30 22.2C 6.4C
1013.8hPaEast 24.8km/h 33.1km/h36% 0.0mm/ - total09:35 22.3C 6.5C 1013.8hPaEast
22.7km/h 33.1km/h36% 0.0mm/ - total09:40 22.6C 6.8C 1013.8hPaEast 23.3km/h
33.1km/h36% 0.0mm/ - total09:45 22.9C 7.1C 1013.8hPaEast 24.8km/h 30.2km/h36%
0.0mm/ - total09:50 23.0C 6.7C 1013.8hPaEast 24.1km/h 30.2km/h35% 0.0mm/ -
total09:55 22.9C 6.7C 1013.8hPaENE 17.7km/h 30.2km/h35% 0.0mm/ - total10:00
23.0C 6.3C 1012.8hPaEast 25.6km/h 30.2km/h34% 0.0mm/ - total10:05 23.3C 7.0C
1012.8hPaEast 24.8km/h 25.6km/h35% 0.0mm/ - total10:10 23.6C 6.8C 1012.8hPaESE
21.2km/h 31.7km/h34% 0.0mm/ - total10:15 23.8C 7.0C 1012.8hPaEast 24.8km/h
31.7km/h34% 0.0mm/ - total10:20 23.9C 6.7C 1012.8hPaEast 24.8km/h 28.8km/h33%
0.0mm/ - total10:25 23.9C 6.7C 1012.8hPaEast 28.8km/h 37.5km/h33% 0.0mm/ -
total10:30 24.0C 6.8C 1012.8hPaEast 22.7km/h 37.5km/h33% 0.0mm/ - total10:35
24.3C 6.6C 1012.8hPaENE 27.4km/h 37.5km/h32% 0.0mm/ - total10:40 24.5C 7.2C
1012.8hPaEast 24.8km/h 37.5km/h33% 0.0mm/ - total10:45 24.6C 7.3C 1012.8hPaENE
20.6km/h 28.8km/h33% 0.0mm/ - total10:50 24.9C 7.6C 1012.8hPaEast 28.0km/h
31.7km/h33% 0.0mm/ - total10:55 25.2C 7.3C 1012.8hPaESE 19.8km/h 31.7km/h32%
0.0mm/ - total11:00 25.6C 7.7C 1012.8hPaEast 15.4km/h 31.7km/h32% 0.0mm/ -
total11:10 26.1C 7.7C 1012.8hPaEast 19.1km/h 24.8km/h31% 0.0mm/ - total11:15
26.2C 7.8C 1012.8hPaEast 21.2km/h 24.8km/h31% 0.0mm/ - total11:20 26.7C 8.2C
1012.8hPaEast 24.1km/h 24.8km/h31% 0.0mm/ - total11:25 26.9C 8.3C 1012.8hPaENE
16.9km/h 28.8km/h31% 0.0mm/ - total11:30 26.9C 8.3C 1011.7hPaESE 21.2km/h
28.8km/h31% 0.0mm/ - total11:35 27.0C 7.9C 1011.7hPaENE 24.8km/h 28.8km/h30%
0.0mm/ - total11:40 27.3C 8.2C 1011.7hPaENE 20.6km/h 20.6km/h30% 0.0mm/ -
total11:45 27.3C 8.2C 1011.7hPaEast 26.2km/h 28.0km/h30% 0.0mm/ - total11:50
27.5C 8.4C 1011.7hPaEast 17.7km/h 29.4km/h30% 0.0mm/ - total11:55 27.6C 8.5C
1011.7hPaEast 20.6km/h 29.4km/h30% 0.0mm/ - total12:00 27.9C 8.7C 1011.7hPaENE
20.6km/h 30.2km/h30% 0.0mm/ - total12:05 28.2C 8.5C 1011.7hPaENE 16.3km/h
26.2km/h29% 0.0mm/ - total12:10 28.4C 8.7C 1011.7hPaENE 14.0km/h 26.2km/h29%
0.0mm/ - total12:15 28.6C 8.8C 1011.7hPaEast 13.0km/h 26.2km/h29% 0.0mm/ -
total12:20 28.9C 9.1C 1011.7hPaEast 17.7km/h 17.7km/h29% 0.0mm/ - total12:25
29.1C 9.3C 1011.7hPaEast 24.1km/h 24.1km/h29% 0.0mm/ - total12:30 29.6C 9.2C
1011.7hPaESE 16.3km/h 24.8km/h28% 0.0mm/ - total12:35 29.7C 9.3C 1011.7hPaEast
19.8km/h 24.8km/h28% 0.0mm/ - total12:40 30.0C 9.0C 1011.7hPaEast 19.8km/h
24.8km/h27% 0.0mm/ - total12:45 30.0C 8.4C 1011.7hPaEast 21.2km/h 21.2km/h26%
0.0mm/ - total12:50 30.3C 8.7C 1011.7hPaEast 21.2km/h 22.7km/h26% 0.0mm/ -
total12:55 30.5C 8.8C 1011.7hPaESE 16.9km/h 22.7km/h26% 0.0mm/ - total13:00
30.8C 9.1C 1011.7hPaESE 16.3km/h 22.7km/h26% 0.0mm/ - total13:05 31.1C 8.8C
1011.7hPaESE 16.3km/h 16.3km/h25% 0.0mm/ - total13:10 31.4C 9.0C 1011.7hPaEast
13.0km/h 18.3km/h25% 0.0mm/ - total13:15 31.5C 9.1C 1011.7hPaESE 13.0km/h
20.6km/h25% 0.0mm/ - total13:20 31.7C 8.7C 1011.7hPaENE 13.0km/h 13.0km/h24%
0.0mm/ - total13:25 31.8C 8.8C 1011.7hPaEast 10.8km/h 16.9km/h24% 0.0mm/ -
total13:30 32.1C 8.4C 1010.7hPaESE 14.0km/h 16.9km/h23% 0.0mm/ - total13:35
32.3C 8.6C 1010.7hPaESE 13.0km/h 16.9km/h23% 0.0mm/ - total13:40 32.3C 7.9C
1010.7hPaESE 12.2km/h 16.9km/h22% 0.0mm/ - total13:45 32.6C 8.2C 1010.7hPaENE
9.3km/h 14.0km/h22% 0.0mm/ - total13:55 32.8C 8.9C 1010.7hPaESE 13.0km/h
19.8km/h23% 0.0mm/ - total14:00 32.5C 8.7C 1010.7hPaESE 11.6km/h 11.6km/h23%
0.0mm/ - total14:05 32.5C 8.1C 1010.7hPaEast 9.3km/h 13.0km/h22% 0.0mm/ -
total14:10 32.5C 8.1C 1010.7hPaENE 5.8km/h 14.0km/h22% 0.0mm/ - total14:15 32.3C
7.9C 1010.7hPaEast 10.8km/h 16.9km/h22% 0.0mm/ - total14:20 32.0C 7.7C
1010.7hPaCalm 16.9km/h22% 0.0mm/ - total14:25 31.8C 8.1C 1010.7hPaEast 8.7km/h
14.8km/h23% 0.0mm/ - total14:30 31.6C 7.9C 1010.7hPaESE 13.4km/h 14.8km/h23%
0.0mm/ - total14:35 31.5C 7.9C 1010.7hPaEast 9.3km/h 14.8km/h23% 0.0mm/ -
total14:40 31.5C 7.9C 1010.7hPaESE 10.1km/h 10.1km/h23% 0.0mm/ - total14:45
31.4C 8.4C 1010.7hPaESE 8.7km/h 10.1km/h24% 0.0mm/ - total14:50 31.2C 8.3C
1010.7hPaCalm 10.1km/h24% 0.0mm/ - total14:55 31.2C 8.8C 1010.7hPaEast 7.2km/h
10.1km/h25% 0.0mm/ - total15:00 31.2C 8.8C 1010.7hPaEast 10.1km/h 13.0km/h25%
0.0mm/ - totalTimeTemp.Dew PointPressureWindWind SpeedWind GustHumidityRainfall
Rate (Hourly)Clouds00:02 13.7C 9.1C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR00:10 13.5C 9.2C 1012.4hPaNorth 1.6km/h 25.7km/h75% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR00:15 13.4C 9.3C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR00:20
13.4C 9.5C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR00:25 13.3C 9.2C
1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR00:30 13.3C 9.2C 1012.1hPaNorth
1.6km/h 25.7km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR00:35 13.2C 9.1C 1012.1hPaNorth 3.2km/h
25.7km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR00:40 13.1C 9.0C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h76%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR00:50 12.8C 8.5C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h75% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR00:55 12.8C 8.8C 1012.4hPaNorth 3.2km/h 25.7km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR01:00 12.8C 9.1C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h78% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR01:05
12.8C 8.8C 1012.4hPaNNW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR01:10 12.8C
8.8C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR01:15 12.7C 8.7C
1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR01:21 12.7C 8.7C 1012.1hPaNNW
1.6km/h 25.7km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR01:30 12.7C 8.9C 1011.7hPaCalm
25.7km/h78% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR01:35 12.6C 8.9C 1011.7hPaNNW 4.8km/h
25.7km/h78% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR01:41 12.5C 8.9C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h79%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR01:50 12.4C 8.9C 1011.7hPaNNW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h79% 0.0mm/
0.0mm totalCLR01:55 12.4C 8.9C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR02:00 12.3C 8.8C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR02:05
12.2C 8.8C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h80% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR02:10 12.0C 8.7C
1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h80% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR02:16 12.0C 8.7C 1011.7hPaNNW
3.2km/h 25.7km/h80% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR02:26 12.2C 9.0C 1011.7hPaNNW 1.6km/h
25.7km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR02:35 12.2C 8.8C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h80%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR02:40 12.1C 9.1C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR02:46 12.1C 9.5C 1011.7hPaNNW 3.2km/h 25.7km/h84% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR02:55 12.1C 9.3C 1011.7hPaNNW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR03:00 12.0C 9.0C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:05
11.9C 9.0C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:10 11.8C 8.9C
1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:15 11.8C 8.9C 1012.1hPaCalm
25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:20 11.7C 8.8C 1012.1hPaNNW 1.6km/h
25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:25 11.6C 8.7C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h82%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:30 11.6C 8.8C 1012.1hPaNNW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h83% 0.0mm/
0.0mm totalCLR03:35 11.4C 8.5C 1012.1hPaNNW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR03:40 11.4C 8.4C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:46
11.2C 8.4C 1012.1hPaNNW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:55 11.1C
8.3C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:00 11.1C 8.3C
1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:05 11.1C 8.3C 1012.1hPaNNW
1.6km/h 25.7km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:10 11.1C 8.2C 1012.1hPaNNW 1.6km/h
25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:15 11.1C 7.6C 1012.1hPaNNW 1.6km/h
25.7km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:21 10.9C 7.8C 1012.1hPaNNW 3.2km/h
25.7km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:26 10.9C 8.3C 1012.1hPaNorth 1.6km/h
25.7km/h84% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:36 10.9C 8.7C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h86%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:41 10.9C 8.7C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR04:50 10.9C 8.9C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:55
10.9C 8.9C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR05:05 10.9C 8.7C
1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR05:11 10.9C 8.4C 1012.1hPaCalm
25.7km/h85% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR05:20 10.9C 8.7C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h86%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR05:25 10.9C 8.7C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR05:30 10.8C 8.6C 1012.4hPaNorth 1.6km/h 25.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR05:35 10.7C 8.7C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR05:41
10.6C 8.6C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR05:46 10.6C 8.5C
1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR05:55 10.4C 8.2C 1012.1hPaCalm
25.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR06:00 10.4C 8.2C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h86%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR06:06 10.3C 8.1C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR06:15 10.2C 7.8C 1012.8hPaNorth 3.2km/h 25.7km/h85% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR06:20 10.1C 7.6C 1012.8hPaCalm 25.7km/h84% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR06:25
10.2C 7.8C 1012.8hPaNorth 1.6km/h 25.7km/h85% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR06:30 10.3C
7.9C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h85% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR06:36 10.4C 8.3C
1012.4hPaNorth 1.6km/h 25.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR06:45 10.6C 8.7C
1012.4hPaNorth 1.6km/h 25.7km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR06:51 10.6C 8.7C
1012.4hPaNorth 3.2km/h 25.7km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR06:56 10.7C 8.8C
1012.4hPaNorth 3.2km/h 25.7km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR07:05 10.9C 9.1C
1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR07:10 11.3C 9.2C 1012.4hPaCalm
25.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR07:16 11.6C 9.3C 1013.1hPaNorth 1.6km/h
25.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR07:26 12.3C 9.5C 1013.1hPaNorth 1.6km/h
25.7km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR07:35 12.8C 9.7C 1013.1hPaNorth 3.2km/h
25.7km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR07:40 13.1C 9.9C 1013.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h81%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR07:50 13.4C 10.3C 1012.8hPaNorth 1.6km/h 25.7km/h81% 0.0mm/
0.0mm totalCLR07:55 13.7C 10.1C 1012.8hPaNorth 3.2km/h 25.7km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR08:00 13.9C 10.3C 1012.8hPaCalm 25.7km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR08:06
14.2C 10.4C 1012.8hPaNorth 3.2km/h 25.7km/h78% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR08:16 15.1C
10.7C 1013.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h75% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR08:21 15.5C 10.5C
1013.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h72% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR08:30 17.3C 10.7C 1012.4hPaCalm
25.7km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR08:35 18.4C 9.8C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h57%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR08:40 19.2C 10.2C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h56% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR08:46 19.7C 9.6C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR08:55
20.8C 9.7C 1012.1hPaSouth 1.6km/h 25.7km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR09:00 20.9C
9.2C 1011.7hPaSSW 3.2km/h 25.7km/h47% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR09:06 21.3C 9.5C
1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h47% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR09:16 21.7C 8.9C 1011.7hPaWSW
8.0km/h 25.7km/h44% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR09:25 22.2C 9.1C 1011.7hPaCalm
25.7km/h43% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR09:30 22.4C 10.2C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h46%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR09:36 22.6C 9.1C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR09:46 22.9C 9.3C 1011.4hPaSouth 6.4km/h 25.7km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR09:55 23.3C 9.7C 1011.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR10:00
23.4C 9.1C 1011.4hPaWest 3.2km/h 25.7km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR10:06 23.4C
7.9C 1011.4hPaSouth 16.1km/h 25.7km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR10:16 23.8C 7.9C
1011.1hPaSouth 4.8km/h 25.7km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR10:21 24.1C 8.1C
1011.1hPaSSW 9.7km/h 25.7km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR10:30 24.3C 8.7C
1010.7hPaSouth 8.0km/h 25.7km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR10:35 24.6C 8.9C
1010.7hPaSSE 1.6km/h 25.7km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR10:40 24.5C 9.3C
1010.7hPaESE 4.8km/h 25.7km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR10:46 24.7C 8.2C
1010.7hPaSSW 9.7km/h 25.7km/h35% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR10:56 25.2C 9.1C
1010.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR11:05 25.6C 8.2C 1010.7hPaCalm
25.7km/h33% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR11:10 25.9C 8.4C 1010.7hPaSE 1.6km/h
25.7km/h33% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR11:16 25.9C 8.4C 1010.4hPaSE 1.6km/h
25.7km/h33% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR11:25 26.6C 10.3C 1010.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h36%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR11:30 26.6C 8.6C 1010.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h32% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR11:35 26.7C 8.2C 1010.0hPaSouth 4.8km/h 25.7km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR11:40 26.8C 8.8C 1010.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h32% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR11:46
27.1C 8.5C 1009.7hPaSouth 3.2km/h 25.7km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR11:55 27.7C
8.6C 1009.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR12:01 27.9C 7.7C
1009.0hPaSSE 1.6km/h 25.7km/h28% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR12:06 28.1C 7.9C
1009.0hPaSSE 3.2km/h 25.7km/h28% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR12:11 28.3C 8.6C
1009.0hPaSouth 8.0km/h 25.7km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR12:16 28.6C 8.3C
1009.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h28% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR12:25 28.9C 8.1C 1009.0hPaCalm
25.7km/h27% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR12:30 29.1C 8.7C 1009.0hPaSSW 8.0km/h
25.7km/h28% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR12:36 29.3C 7.8C 1009.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h26%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR12:41 29.4C 9.0C 1009.0hPaWSW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h28% 0.0mm/
0.0mm totalCLR12:50 30.1C 9.6C 1009.0hPaSSW 14.5km/h 25.7km/h28% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR12:56 30.3C 8.1C 1009.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h25% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR13:05
30.9C 9.2C 1008.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h26% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR13:11 30.7C 7.2C
1008.7hPaSSW 3.2km/h 25.7km/h23% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR13:20 31.1C 8.2C
1009.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR13:26 31.4C 8.4C 1009.0hPaSSW
6.4km/h 25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR13:31 31.3C 7.7C 1008.7hPaCalm
25.7km/h23% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR13:36 31.3C 8.4C 1008.7hPaWSW 4.8km/h
25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR13:41 31.7C 9.3C 1008.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h25%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR13:50 32.1C 10.2C 1008.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h26% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR13:56 32.3C 9.2C 1008.4hPaWSW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR14:01 32.5C 9.9C 1008.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h25% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR14:11
32.3C 9.2C 1008.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR14:20 32.5C 9.3C
1008.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR14:26 32.2C 11.4C 1008.0hPaWNW
3.2km/h 25.7km/h28% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR14:31 32.1C 9.0C 1007.7hPaCalm
25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR14:36 32.1C 9.0C 1007.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h24%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR14:41 31.9C 8.9C 1007.7hPaWest 1.6km/h 25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/
0.0mm totalCLR14:51 31.7C 8.7C 1007.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLR15:00 31.4C 9.1C 1007.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h25% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
totalCLRTimeTemp.Heat IndexDew PointPressureWindWind SpeedWind
GustHumidityRainfall Rate (Hourly)00:14 11.7C - 3.0C 1009.0hPaCalm -55%-/ 0.0mm
total00:30 11.2C - 2.8C 1009.4hPaCalm -56%-/ 0.0mm total00:45 10.8C - 2.3C
1009.4hPaCalm -56%-/ 0.0mm total01:00 10.7C - 2.8C 1009.4hPaCalm -58%-/ 0.0mm
total01:16 10.6C - 2.7C 1009.0hPaCalm -58%-/ 0.0mm total01:32 10.4C - 2.9C
1009.0hPaCalm -60%-/ 0.0mm total01:47 10.0C - 2.6C 1009.4hPaCalm -60%-/ 0.0mm
total02:02 10.0C - 2.8C 1009.4hPaCalm -61%-/ 0.0mm total02:17 9.6C - 2.0C
1009.4hPaCalm -59%-/ 0.0mm total02:32 9.4C - 2.7C 1009.4hPaCalm -63%-/ 0.0mm
total02:48 9.2C - 2.6C 1009.0hPaCalm -63%-/ 0.0mm total03:03 8.9C - 2.7C
1009.4hPaCalm -65%-/ 0.0mm total03:18 8.6C - 3.1C 1009.4hPaCalm -68%-/ 0.0mm
total03:33 8.4C - 2.6C 1009.4hPaCalm -67%-/ 0.0mm total03:49 8.4C - 2.6C
1009.4hPaCalm -67%-/ 0.0mm total04:04 8.2C - 2.4C 1009.4hPaCalm -67%-/ 0.0mm
total04:19 8.1C - 2.6C 1009.4hPaCalm -68%-/ 0.0mm total04:35 7.8C - 2.4C
1009.4hPaCalm -69%-/ 0.0mm total05:05 7.5C - 2.8C 1009.4hPaCalm -72%-/ 0.0mm
total05:21 7.2C - 1.9C 1009.4hPaCalm -69%-/ 0.0mm total05:36 7.1C - 2.4C
1009.4hPaCalm -72%-/ 0.0mm total05:51 7.1C - 2.4C 1009.4hPaCalm -72%-/ 0.0mm
total06:07 7.0C - 2.3C 1009.7hPaCalm -72%-/ 0.0mm total06:22 6.8C - 2.4C
1009.4hPaCalm -74%-/ 0.0mm total06:37 6.9C - 2.4C 1009.4hPaCalm -73%-/ 0.0mm
total06:53 7.1C - 3.3C 1009.4hPaCalm -77%-/ 0.0mm total07:08 8.9C - 3.9C
1009.7hPaCalm -71%-/ 0.0mm total07:23 12.4C - 5.3C 1009.4hPaEast 2.7km/h -62%-/
0.0mm total07:38 13.3C - 5.4C 1009.4hPaCalm -59%-/ 0.0mm total07:54 14.7C - 6.1C
1009.4hPaEast 3.5km/h -56%-/ 0.0mm total08:09 17.5C - 6.7C 1009.4hPaEast 4.3km/h
-49%-/ 0.0mm total08:24 16.0C - 6.4C 1009.4hPaEast 4.3km/h -53%-/ 0.0mm
total08:40 15.9C - 6.6C 1009.0hPaESE 4.3km/h -54%-/ 0.0mm total08:55 17.0C -
7.3C 1009.0hPaESE 3.5km/h -53%-/ 0.0mm total09:10 17.7C - 8.0C 1008.7hPaEast
4.3km/h -53%-/ 0.0mm total09:25 19.5C - 8.8C 1008.7hPaESE 4.3km/h -50%-/ 0.0mm
total09:41 20.9C - 9.8C 1008.4hPaESE 3.5km/h -49%-/ 0.0mm total09:56 21.4C -
9.6C 1008.4hPaWNW 1.8km/h -47%-/ 0.0mm total10:11 23.4C - 9.7C 1007.7hPaESE
3.5km/h -42%-/ 0.0mm total10:26 23.8C - 10.1C 1008.0hPaWest 2.7km/h -42%-/ 0.0mm
total10:42 24.4C - 10.6C 1007.7hPaESE 4.3km/h -42%-/ 0.0mm total10:57 25.2C -
10.7C 1007.7hPaENE 4.3km/h -40%-/ 0.0mm total11:12 26.1C - 11.4C 1006.7hPaESE
4.3km/h -40%-/ 0.0mm total11:27 26.8C - 10.8C 1006.7hPaEast 4.3km/h -37%-/ 0.0mm
total11:43 27.7C - 11.3C 1006.0hPaCalm -36%-/ 0.0mm total11:58 28.5C - 11.6C
1006.0hPaEast 4.3km/h -35%-/ 0.0mm total12:14 29.0C - 11.1C 1006.0hPaNE 6.0km/h
-33%-/ 0.0mm total12:29 29.8C 28.8C 11.8C 1006.0hPaCalm -33%-/ 0.0mm total12:44
30.6C - 11.1C 1006.0hPaEast 5.1km/h -30%-/ 0.0mm total12:59 31.5C 30.4C 12.3C
1006.0hPaCalm -31%-/ 0.0mm total13:14 32.1C - 10.7C 1005.3hPaESE 6.0km/h -27%-/
0.0mm total13:30 32.9C - 10.8C 1005.6hPaEast 7.6km/h -26%-/ 0.0mm total13:45
32.7C 31.4C 11.8C 1004.6hPaWest 5.1km/h -28%-/ 0.0mm total14:00 33.3C - 10.6C
1005.0hPaESE 3.5km/h -25%-/ 0.0mm total14:16 33.8C - 11.0C 1005.0hPaNNE 2.7km/h
-25%-/ 0.0mm total14:31 33.9C - 9.8C 1004.6hPaESE 4.3km/h -23%-/ 0.0mm
total14:46 34.6C - 10.4C 1004.3hPaESE 8.5km/h -23%-/ 0.0mm total15:02 34.0C -
11.2C 1004.3hPaNE 3.5km/h -25%-/ 0.0mm totalTimeTemp.Dew PointPressureWindWind
SpeedWind GustHumidityRainfall Rate (Hourly)00:02 16.4C 16.1C 1013.4hPaWest
6.4km/h 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:07 16.4C 16.1C 1013.4hPaWest 4.8km/h
6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:12 16.4C 16.1C 1013.4hPaWSW 3.2km/h 6.4km/h98%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:17 16.4C 16.1C 1013.4hPaWSW 3.2km/h 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total00:22 16.4C 16.1C 1013.4hPaWNW 3.2km/h 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:27
16.4C 16.1C 1013.4hPaSW 1.6km/h 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:32 16.4C 16.1C
1013.4hPaWSW 3.2km/h 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:37 16.3C 16.0C 1013.4hPaWSW
3.2km/h 4.8km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:47 16.3C 16.0C 1013.4hPaSW 1.6km/h
6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:52 16.2C 15.9C 1013.4hPaCalm 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total00:57 16.2C 15.9C 1013.4hPaWSW 1.6km/h 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total01:02 16.2C 15.9C 1013.4hPaCalm 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:07 16.1C
15.8C 1013.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:12 16.1C 15.8C 1013.4hPaCalm
3.2km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:17 16.1C 15.8C 1013.4hPaWest 1.6km/h 3.2km/h98%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:22 16.1C 15.8C 1013.4hPaCalm 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total01:27 16.1C 15.8C 1013.4hPaCalm 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:32 16.1C
15.8C 1013.4hPaCalm 4.8km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:37 16.1C 15.8C 1013.4hPaCalm
4.8km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:42 16.1C 15.8C 1013.4hPaCalm 4.8km/h98% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total01:47 16.0C 15.7C 1013.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:52
15.9C 15.6C 1013.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:57 15.9C 15.6C
1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:02 15.9C 15.6C 1013.4hPaCalm
0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:07 15.9C 15.6C 1013.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h98% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total02:12 15.9C 15.6C 1013.4hPaSW 3.2km/h 3.2km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total02:17 15.9C 15.6C 1013.4hPaCalm 4.8km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:22 16.0C
15.7C 1013.4hPaCalm 4.8km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:27 15.9C 15.6C 1013.4hPaCalm
4.8km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:32 15.8C 15.5C 1013.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h98% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total02:37 15.8C 15.5C 1013.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:42
15.6C 15.3C 1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:47 15.6C 15.3C
1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:52 15.4C 15.1C 1013.4hPaCalm
0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:57 15.4C 15.1C 1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total03:02 15.4C 15.1C 1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:07
15.5C 15.2C 1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:12 15.5C 15.2C
1013.4hPaSE 1.6km/h 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:17 15.6C 15.3C 1013.4hPaCalm
1.6km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:22 15.6C 15.3C 1013.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h98% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total03:27 15.6C 15.3C 1013.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:32
15.5C 15.2C 1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:37 15.3C 15.0C
1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:42 15.1C 14.8C 1013.4hPaCalm
0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:47 15.0C 14.7C 1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total03:52 14.9C 14.6C 101
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