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Jordi Boggiano Seldaek

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Seldaek / gist:9047b756ce8aebd9e369
Created Mar 31, 2015
php exts required on packagist
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Seldaek / sort.js
Last active Aug 29, 2015
PHP Wiki Vote Chrono-sort
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// Run this in web console
var rows = $('table tr').get();
rows.sort(function(a, b) {
var keyA = $(a).find('img[src="/lib/images/success.png"]').attr('title') || '0';
var keyB = $(b).find('img[src="/lib/images/success.png"]').attr('title') || '0';
if (keyA < keyB) return -1; if (keyA > keyB) return 1; return 0;
$.each(rows, function(index, row) {$('table tbody').append(row);});
Seldaek /
Created Mar 27, 2014 proof

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am seldaek on github.
  • I am seldaek ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 245D B3BE FBFE F1E7 8689 8686 D7F1 1ADC 1848 487E

To claim this, I am signing this object:

Seldaek / gist:6711020
Last active Dec 23, 2015
A curious spam comment
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km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:21 25.5C - 15.8C 1006.7hPaNorth 3.5km/h 12.2km/h55%
0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:26 25.5C - 15.8C 1006.7hPaSE 6.1km/h 12.2km/h55% 0.0mm/
0.0mm total11:31 25.9C - 15.6C 1006.3hPaEast 7.2km/h 8.7km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total11:36 26.0C - 15.7C 1006.7hPaSouth 5.0km/h 8.7km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm
total11:41 26.1C - 15.5C 1006.3hPaSSW 9.7km/h 9.7km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:46
26.0C - 15.4C 1006.3hPaSW 5.0km/h 9.7km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:51 26.4C -
15.8C 1006.3hPaSW 5.0km/h 9.7km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:56 26.5C - 16.2C
1006.3hPaNW 8.7km/h 8.7km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:01 26.1C - 15.8C
1006.3hPaSouth 11.1km/h 11.1km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:06 26.3C - 16.0C
1006.3hPaNW 7.2km/h 11.1km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:11 26.6C - 16.3C
Seldaek / composer.json
Created Feb 19, 2013
security checker integration
View composer.json
// ...
"scripts": {
"post-update-cmd": [
"checker security:check composer.lock"
Seldaek / Authenticator.php
Created Nov 20, 2012
Simple Symfony Auth example
View Authenticator.php
namespace Acme\DemoBundle\Security;
use Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Authentication\SimpleFormAuthenticatorInterface;
use Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Authentication\Token\TokenInterface;
use Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Exception\AuthenticationException;
use Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Event\GetResponseEvent;
use Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Authentication\Token\UsernamePasswordToken;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;
Seldaek / LoggerInterface.php
Created Nov 16, 2012
LoggerInterface PSR Proposal
View LoggerInterface.php
namespace PSR\Log;
* Describes a logger instance
* The message MUST be a string.
* The context array can contain arbitrary data, the only assumption that
Seldaek / Comments.mdown
Created May 21, 2012
PHAR build script
View Comments.mdown

This creates a $buildphar as $root/$target/foo.phar + one phar per tag as $root/$target/download/$tag/foo.phar

It also dumps the latest git commit hash built in $root/$target/version

Seldaek / gitconfig
Created Mar 27, 2012
Git config aliases
View gitconfig
co = checkout
ci = commit
st = status
br = branch
rb = rebase
fu = !git fetch upstream
fo = !git fetch origin
p = push
lg = log --graph --pretty=tformat:'%Cred%h%Creset -%C(yellow)%d%Creset %s %Cgreen(%an %cr)%Creset' --abbrev-commit --date=relative
Seldaek / composer.json
Created Mar 9, 2012
Private Repo Handling
View composer.json
"repositories": [ { "type": "composer", "url": "" } ],
"require": {
"company/package": "1.2.0",
"company/package2": "1.5.2",
"company/package3": "dev-master"
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