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Fiduciary License Agreement for Epic.NET
%% Fiduciary License Agreement (Copyright Assignment)
%% adapted to Italian law
%% Language: English
%{{{ Header
Giacomo Tesio
Via Vittorio Emanuele, 27
12051 Alba
% highlight: decomment the following and use \hl{}
\renewcommand{\sectionmark}[1]{\markright{\thesection\ #1}}
% Fiduciary's name hyphenation
\hyphenation{Gia-co-mo Te-sio}
%{{{ Head of front page
{\LARGE\bf Fiduciary Licence Agreement}\\
(Version 1.0)
\sc\small Copyright (C) 2011 Giacomo Tesio,\\
\sc\small Via Vittorio Emanuele 27,
12051 Alba,
\sc\small Copyright (C) 2010 Kern Sibbald,\\
\sc\small Cotes-de-Montmoiret 9,
1012 Lausanne,
\sc\small Copyright (C) 2002-2007 FSFE, e.V.,\\
\sc\small Talstrasse 110,
40217 Dusseldorf,
\sc\small This licence is released under the terms of\\
the GNU Free Documentation Licence (GFDL) version 1.2.
{\Large\bf Preamble}
The purpose of this agreement is to ensure the lasting protection of
Epic.NET by making Giacomo Tesio the fiduciary of the author's interests.
It empowers Giacomo Tesio (here after referred to as ``Giacomo'') -- to uphold
the interests of Epic.NET's authors and protect them in court, if necessary.\\
Giacomo is given the right to use, reproduce, modify, distribute and relicense
the software as necessary for the long-term legal maintainability, economic
exploitation and protection of the software.
The agreement also grants the author an unlimited amount of
non-exclusive licences by Giacomo, which allow using and distributing the
author's contributions in other projects and under other licences. \\
The contracting parties sign the following agreement in full
consciousness that by the grant of exclusive licence to Giacomo Tesio
and by the administration of these
rights Giacomo becomes trustee of the author's interests for
the benefit of Epic.NET and allows Giacomo to use and distribute the
program in other projects and under other licences. \\
{\Large\bf Agreement}
{\bf (please cross out unsuitable alternatives)}\\
\item the author
_______________________________________________ (Name)
_______________________________________________ (Occupation, Date of Birth)
_______________________________________________ (Street)
_______________________________________________ (ZIP, City, Country)
_______________________________________________ (Pseudonym, Email)
\item the owner of the exclusive licence,
_______________________________________________ (Company or name)
_______________________________________________ (HQ or addr.)
_______________________________________________ (managing director)
\item acquired by virtue of a contract date as of
\item contracting party:
\item acquired as employer in the context of a work and service
- hereinafter referred to as ``Beneficiary'' --
Giacomo Tesio
Via Vittorio Emanuele, 27
12051 Alba
- hereinafter referred to as ``Giacomo'' --
the following agreement is entered into:\\
\A Subject to the provision of {\S}~2, Beneficiary assigns to Giacomo
the Copyright in computer programs and other copyrightable material
world-wide, or in countries where such an assignment is not
possible,\footnote{Countries where assignments of the copyright in a
work are impossible include, but are not limited to, Germany, Austria,
Slovenia and Hungary.} grants an exclusive, royalty-free, transferable licence,
including, inter alia:
\item the right to reproduce in original or modified form;
\item the right to redistribute in original or modified form;
\item the right of making available in data networks, in particular
via the Internet, as well as by providing downloads, in original or
modified form;
\item the right to authorize third parties to make, use and distribute
derivative works of the Software, or to work on and commit changes or
perform this conduct themselves;
\item the right to derive revenue from such activities and
from all other forms of economic exploitation in the Software
permitted by law.
\A Beneficiary's moral or personal rights remain unaffected by this Agreement.\\
\A In some countries, the law may provide that the employer is deemed
to be the owner of the rights on materials developed by an employee in
the course of his or her employment, unless the parties have agreed
otherwise. The Beneficiary is aware of these provisions, and therefore
warrants, represents and guarantees that the Subject Matter is free of
any of his or her employer's exclusive exploitation rights.\\
\section{Subject Matter}
The rights and licences granted in {\S}~1 are subject to all
``Software'' and ``Documentation.'' For the purpose of this Agreement,
``Software'' shall mean all computer programs, copyrightable sections
of computer programs or modifications of computer programs that have
been developed or programmed by Beneficiary and that he specifies in this
Agreement below. Likewise,
``Documentation'' shall refer to all manuals and documentation written
by Beneficiary alongside and usually distributed with the ``Software''
and are similarly specified below:
Except in countries where such an assignment is not possible, the rights
[and licences] granted under this agreement by Beneficiary shall also
include developments, corrections of errors or faults and other modifications
and derivative works of the Software that Beneficiary obtains either copyright
ownership or exploitation rights during the five years after the date of
this document.
Excluded from this provision are modifications that are not derived from the
subject matter and that have to be regarded as independent and original
\section{Giacomo's Rights and \\Re-Transfer of Non-Exclusive Licence}
\A Giacomo shall exercise the granted rights and licences in his
own name. Furthermore, Giacomo shall be authorized to enjoin third
parties from using the software and forbid any unlawful or copyright
infringing use of the Software, and shall be entitled to enforce all
his rights in his own name in and out of court. Giacomo shall also
be authorized to permit third parties to exercise Giacomo's rights
in and out of court. \\
\A Giacomo grants to Beneficiary a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual
and unrestricted licence in the Software. This right's [and licence's]
scope shall encompass and include all the rights [and licences]
specified in {\S}~1. Furthermore, Giacomo grants to Beneficiary
additional non-exclusive, transferable license to use, reproduce,
redistribute and make available the Software as needed for releases of
the Software under other licences. This re-transfer shall not limit
the scope of Giacomo's exclusive licence in the Software and Giacomo's
rights pursuant to {\S}~1.\\
\A The transfer of the rights and licences specified in {\S}~1 shall
be unrestricted in territory and thus shall apply world-wide
for the total duration provided for by law.
\A Regarding the succession of rights in this contractual
relationship, Italian law shall apply, unless this Agreement imposes
deviating regulations. In case of the Beneficiary's death, the
assignment of exclusive rights shall continue with the heirs. In case
of more than one heir, all heirs have to exercise their rights through
a common authorized person.\\
\A Place of jurisdiction for all legal conflicts arising out of or in
connection with this Agreement is Alba, Italy.\\
City/Country, Date City/Country, Date
__________________, ______________ __________________, ______________
__________________________________ __________________________________
(Signature) (Giacomo)

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Shamar commented Sep 26, 2011

You have to talk with a lawyer if you want to adapt this contract for your own project.

It's provided with no warranty for conformance to any particular need.

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