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Delete Caldera Forms entry after the message is sent. caldera_forms_submit_complete hook. See:
* Delete a message from database once submission is complete
* Deletes from Caldera Forms Pro, which needs local DB storage to send.
add_filter( 'caldera_forms_submit_complete',
function( $form, $referrer, $process_id, $entry_id ){
//Delete from Caldera Forms Pro if API client is active
if( defined( 'CF_PRO_VER' ) ) {
$api_client = \calderawp\calderaforms\pro\container::get_instance()->get_api_client();
//requires v0.10.0+
if( method_exists( $api_clint, 'delete_by_local_id' )){
$api_client->delete_by_local_id( $entry_id );
//Delete in local database
Caldera_Forms_Entry_Bulk::delete_entries( array( $entry_id ) );
//Keep priority above 50 or email will never get sent.
99, 4
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