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public class Manager {
private static final int CORE_POOL_SIZE = 5;
private static final int MAX_POOL_SIZE = 10;
private static final int KEEP_ALIVE_TIME = 50;
private static Manager managerInstance = null;
//Queue for all the Tasks
final BlockingQueue<Runnable> WorkQueue;
private final ThreadPoolExecutor threadPoolExecutor;
static {
Static instance of Manager
managerInstance = new Manager();
Make sure Manager is a SingleTon Hence private;
private Manager() {
WorkQueue = new LinkedBlockingQueue<Runnable>();
threadPoolExecutor = new ThreadPoolExecutor(CORE_POOL_SIZE, MAX_POOL_SIZE, KEEP_ALIVE_TIME,
TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS, WorkQueue);
public void runTask(Runnable runnable) {
public static Manager getManagerInstance() {
return managerInstance;
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